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Why do you import the photos into ps to do the final adjustments? I only use ps as a catalog to import photos. From there I export into Lightroom, bulk edit, then tweak individual shots as needed and from there export them to storage or upload. Works for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck Yes, an abundance of Mexican workers is certainly bad in a state with so much farmland. I'm sure Sonoma, and CA in general, would be better off without them, just like Georgia. I can't speak for Georgia, but we have gotten well beyond happy singing farm workers tending the grapes. The fact of the matter is that when you go 2.3 Mexican generations for every 1 white, black or Asian the social...
A bit of a size comparison on the Arnaud per member request. My apologies in advance for the crappy photos, I am not set up to do dbl wides. Here are the Arnaud up against a couple widely recognized Ray Bans- 1. 3025 58mm Large Aviator 2. 2140 Polarized 52mm Wayfarer Both of which are Brand New and for sale by the way in case any one is interested. Looking for $110 for the 3025 and $125 2140 Sorry ET no 52mm 649's at the moment for a side by side....
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya No, there is nobody from California on this forum. Is Sonoma County still in California? Let's see... Crappy roads... check A preponderance of melanin enhanced individuals under 5'6" named Meeamigo... check Fat, Lazy, Ineffectual government workers form East of 101 rocking their Graphic Tees on their way to Costco... dbl check I could go on but lets not. No Californians here.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 That was quick. ??I have just had my general skepticism reinforced
M serial number refers to which manufacture year?
The Pierre didn't last long. Thanks SF for all the interest. Up this morning is a BNIB pair of Tom Ford Arnaud in Dark Havana Brown Tortoise with Silver Bridge. Dark Grey Lenses. Lots of dark reds in this frame. Nice. The specs.- Brand New Tom Ford Model- Arnaud TF 97 182, size 56[]17 140 Includes- Box, Case, Cloth and Papers SF Price- $200 shipped ConUS add $25 International Thanks for looking... More on the way. PM with questions You can check my seller stats and see...
Thread Revival Time with a few more pairs of Tom Ford Aviators. First off in the new round is a pair of Tom Ford Pierre in Satin finished Dark Silver with Havana Brown Tortoise Brow and Temples. Blue Grey Gradient Lenses. The specs.- Brand New Tom Ford Model- Pierre TF 111 15B, size 60[]16 135 Includes- Box, Case, Cloth and Papers SF Price- Sold shipped ConUS add $25 International Thanks for looking... More on the way. PM with questons
^^Thanks. Is there a comprehensive fit guide anywhere of the individual lasts for the boutique shoe manufacturers?
wonder if my 11D feet will fit into these
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