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care to elaborate ? i think it look nice on anythingthis is the only type of shoe i can find with the LV initial on it this season, perhaps in another season they might have oxford or brogue with the similar LV initial
this shoes is best worn with black or navy suit?
ok fk this i 've made up my mind i am going back to the store to replace the suit with a navy and pls pray for me that they have skinny fit navy of my size
ill post next time after i slim down , i am in the process of losing weight i have really big tummy nowwell according to the receipt i have 30 days to exchange , should i change to navy?i have an emporio armani navy with pin stripe but the fit was horrible because when i bought it , it was 1 size bigger, i got it altered everywhere but i am still not satisfied with it
yea i am not tall just 173cm .but so what do i do with my black suit ? should i go back and ask to exchange for a navy?damnso u cant wear brown shoes with blacksuits?
good feedback , but i thought every men need a black suit in their wardrobe right? i thought black suit is like the most basic item for every men's wardrobe ermmmwhats wrong with the cut? is it because of the slim cut?or should i have went with Navy blue instead?
price from 1300$usd to 2000$usd 3/4 canvassed slim fitted 100% virgin wool made in italy aimed at younger people who just started working for their first suit http://us.burberry.com/slim-fit-travel-tailoring-virgin-wool-suit-p39436771 http://us.burberry.com/slim-fit-wool-mohair-suit-p39161641 i bought one in black, this is my 3rd suit (my first is from Emporio Armani, second is from Giorgio Armani) what do u guys think?
it seems that big bang g dragon and big bang top wore pieces from this versace collection too in everland hologram concert
there is a code and link to verify its authenticity inside the jeans , they will ask few questions n after 10mins they will process the result and the website verified that its authentic not really its look really good in real life . i cant wait to hit the clubs with this jeans
i bought it from their boutique
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