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just wear a black suit just to be sure
i cant imagine if these man are wrong, how can they lead nations if they cant even get their suits color right?So perhaps these men doesnt mean business? they dont look like they are going to the red carpet
perhaps these gentlemen are part of a vip close-protection squad as well?
just another day in sydney . everyone seems to be wearing black for business all these people, they cant all be wrong cant they?
this is what i am wearing right now gucci monogram polo t versace baroque jeans lv monogram shoe will post pic if u guys interested to see
2 guys sitting down from the rightlook like blacksuit to me
Chanel 2015 runway arent these black suits? looks great but then maybe because they are worn by celebrities
this is the my most expensive shoes i have around 1100 USD when i bought it lv monogram on patent leather , brilliant design btw incase u guys are curious the jeans is a skinny jeans from Gucci
but i dont like to look dull, i prefer to look sharp. roundish shoes makes one look dull & boring what about the dragon scale slipper? any comment? and how do i authenticate whether the dragon scale is real or not?
every man needs at least one shoes with red sole from christian louboutin but they are too expensive so i am kinda indecisive which one should i get for my first louboutin not really a fan of brogue but i heard they are in fashion? also is it too pointy? they have rounder ones but i cant help to feel weird with round shoes the beautiful spikes in gun mental is truly iconic , people will easily recognize that i am wearing a louboutin oxford not brogue they...
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