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it seems that big bang g dragon and big bang top wore pieces from this versace collection too in everland hologram concert
there is a code and link to verify its authenticity inside the jeans , they will ask few questions n after 10mins they will process the result and the website verified that its authentic not really its look really good in real life . i cant wait to hit the clubs with this jeans
i bought it from their boutique
i bought this really nice looking baroque jeans, the details are gold plated i got it for 1500 dollars yet until now i am still not able to match it, they sell a whole set unfortunately for me the smallest size matching jacket is still way too big for me, i understand that luxury brand such as this cater for european man this is the match jacket from versace runway i wonder does it look good with plain black/white/navy dress shirt? or should i go with plain black t ?
Christian Louboutin rollerboy spike
how big is your luggage bag?cash and credit card are kept in the wallet obviouslyyou are welcome please do share yours
i always bring this during travel, its suitable from going to international space station to mars , europa and even alpha centauri
my shoes is on my feet obviously , well i dont post the rest because those stuffs changes all the time, these are the essential stuffs that will always be inside my luggage bag
Please share your essential items that you cant travel without here is mine, I always make sure I bring my Hermes Belt and Gucci Polo-T wherever i travel . Those are my essential style during free and easy. As for cologne and full body shampoo I only use Giorgio Armani. The rest are pretty basic stuffs not to forget my Ballistic nylon Tumi Alpha , its always good to have bullet proof Luggage bag in case got into a crossfire unexpectedly. Even preschoolers are equipped...
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