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Christian Louboutin rollerboy spike
how big is your luggage bag?cash and credit card are kept in the wallet obviouslyyou are welcome please do share yours
i always bring this during travel, its suitable from going to international space station to mars , europa and even alpha centauri
my shoes is on my feet obviously , well i dont post the rest because those stuffs changes all the time, these are the essential stuffs that will always be inside my luggage bag
Please share your essential items that you cant travel without here is mine, I always make sure I bring my Hermes Belt and Gucci Polo-T wherever i travel . Those are my essential style during free and easy. As for cologne and full body shampoo I only use Giorgio Armani. The rest are pretty basic stuffs not to forget my Ballistic nylon Tumi Alpha , its always good to have bullet proof Luggage bag in case got into a crossfire unexpectedly. Even preschoolers are equipped...
my new Omega Z-33 Spacemaster
is that you swag man?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6nFE9gO2AY
Seems like Hermes is losin out to Louis Vuitton in the ballin game these stuffs are the shit ... and there are tons more i coudlt find the internet but i saw in their boutique yesterday Come on Hermes u gotta step your game or youre out in the baller's list
i love christian ronaldo he got good sense of stylelook at him top to bottom Gucci even his buddy is wearing top to bottom Guccinow thats what I call Gucci stylemore Gucci from Christian Ronaldoi am sorry for hijacking this thread i think this man deserved his own thread all about Christian Ronaldo and Gucci
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