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highest was 5800 but dont really play anymore
this is bigbang gdragon in everland hologram wearing the shirt[img]isnt it too much thing going on there? see he doesnt pair with the matching pants they made him wear the white pants insteadbig bang top standing at the most right is wearing the jacket, it doesnt look like he wore the complete set together . maybe because it would look weird to wear the complete set?
so i got my versace baroque pants for a thousand dollar but i am not sure how and what should i wear to match it with by the way my friend was wearing a thousand dollars givenchy sweater it was kinda funny we were at one of the vip table in the club (behind the DJ) and there was a guy on the next table wearing AP watch and the exact same givenchy graphic tshirt so anyway i figures to be safe just wear a white shirt. as white shirt goes well with pretty much...
just wear a black suit just to be sure
i cant imagine if these man are wrong, how can they lead nations if they cant even get their suits color right?So perhaps these men doesnt mean business? they dont look like they are going to the red carpet
perhaps these gentlemen are part of a vip close-protection squad as well?
just another day in sydney . everyone seems to be wearing black for business all these people, they cant all be wrong cant they?
this is what i am wearing right now gucci monogram polo t versace baroque jeans lv monogram shoe will post pic if u guys interested to see
2 guys sitting down from the rightlook like blacksuit to me
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