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what am i doing wrong ? how to get that emporio armani runway look?
My pants lenght is too long? Should i have it shorten by 1inch?
Regarding my style is there too much going on my top? too much graphic... should I had matched my jacket with a plain shirt instead? i hope i dont look too weird , but a model complimented on my style
why not?
so ive been reading lots of mens style magazine like GQ and what not. so now its like an in thing for gentlemen to wear lots of bracelet on their hand. so recently ive been eyeing on several bracelets and i found one that fits my budget and i like how it look like however my girl said that this bracelet is not suitable to men, but in the website its clearly written "men bracelet" and it was under the sub section of men bracelet so i insist that its for men but my girl...
http://www.armani.com/my/emporioarmani/long-sleeve-shirt_cod38304885sx.html looks good, but what do i call it ?
i just bought this burberry prorsum belt (the most left) what do u guys think? http://instagram.com/p/aTLBUup-b0/
why do you call it bastardised?
thank you thats what i thought too , do u think it look like ahead of our time?
i love this shirt but i have no idea whats the collar is called http://www.armani.com/my/emporioarmani/long-sleeve-shirt_cod38293857gh.html anyone have any idea? and any comment on the shirt's design?
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