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Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor pew pew Sweet. Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I still love my Duckie cordovan proxy specials. The ones on the right are
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton Most of the posts here are very bad and unworthy of review. Great link here to Alfred Sargent's brogue boots. http://alfred-sargent.blogspot.com/2...0-last-77.html Really subtle way to try and get traffic on your amateur blog, twat.
So, my order came in today. Reviews as follows. Corps Jacket: Pics on the website are a little deceptive. The collar is pretty big and bulky, especially on account of the concealable hood (which I may cut out to make the collar less bulky). Also, it's longer (long enough to cover my ass) then it looks on the website. It's pretty light, perfect for spring/fall (especially if you layer). I'm glad I ordered a large, seems to run a tad big. All in all, a good piece on...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Sweeeeet. Thats because Toronto is the heart of Canada babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . I wonder which mall though? Eaton, Yorkdale, Square One? My guess is Sherway Gardens (not technically Toronto, but who really cares).
J Crew is coming to Canada. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/yahoocana...ming_to_canada Too bad they are only coming to Toronto currently (as is typical of most American retailers when they first move North) and I'm on the other side of the country. Hopefully (although I don't count on it in the slightest) this means those astronomical duty charges they add will be reduced on online orders or something alone those lines.
^^^ Solid purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 The thing I don't understand about you "use-the-search-button" people is that you expel just as much time and energy saying that as you could honestly helping a guy out. Styleforum is a very scary place for noobs. +1 And if everyone just searched as opposed to discussing stuff it'd be a pretty boring forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by MoxJr lol it makes perfect sense to tell him to use the search function. if you actually tried using the search function, you could see tons of threads discussing j crew ludlow suits So? If you've got an issue with a post use the report to mod button. Otherwise leave it alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I talked with our Wolverine rep today. He said Wolverine is going to make available laces for the 1K boot. He said at this time they are not going to re craft any of the boots and they aren't going to do custom orders. He said they are basically at 100% just making them. That could change but don't expect it anytime soon. In a week or two I will be looking at the 2011 1K line offerings and a couple of new mainline...
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