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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy hey what happened to the red wings and quoddys? they've disappeared! As described above, J Crew pulls their most popular stuff off the website during sales. They do it in the sale section too when they gave one of those "x% off sale items" sales.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you're fat Says who?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol ironic I don't see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Please entertain me and look through the 5 streetwear shoes and boot threads and you will see. /thread Are you still fat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet I'm hoping to before the end of the year. At the moment, we've got 120pcs of Smith Indigo going through the workshop, which should be delivered in about 10 days. More Rivet Chinos in Gunmetal, Navy, and British Khaki are already en-route from LA. And I've got deadstock trousers out the a$$ arriving tomorrow. Well I'll keep checking back then, I'm down to one pair of jeans so I'll likely order as soon as some...
Wolverine 1000 Mile, hands down.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb How much material is left in the width of the sleeve? Thanks. I don't know, check your jacket. I doubt there will be very much, a pea coat isn't like a suit jacket or SC where there is extra material left there expressly because they expect people to tailor it.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Uhh then why dont you try the medium? Jeez I love my red chambray and heritage poplin in saddle gingham. Went with medium in the chambray and small in heritage poplin as it fit bigger. Because the medium will probably be too tight for him in the chest and shoulders. I had the same problem, the LEC shirts fit me too tight in the chest and shoulders and billowed out on the bottom. The only shirts I kept...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb 1) Is it possible to tailor the sleeves of a peacoat to make them longer if they are a bit too short? I never thought this was possible but someone couple pages back mentioned they might do this. It depends on how much material is left in the sleeve to do so.
So the deal on the Timberlands fell through and my last thread was getting messy so, Timberlands added here + a $15 price drop on them and 5% drop on the peacoat to keep me legal.
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