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Quote: Originally Posted by The PM See...the issue is that pictures lie (colour being darker or whatever), size charts aren't equal everywhere and it's a hassle to return stuff. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong... You're in the KW area? Phhh...good luck. Like I said, online shopping. It's trial and error at first and most stores that offer free return shipping can't do it for Canada. But once you nail the sizing with whatever online shops...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet more than you can afford, pal No worries, your mom's gonna kop it for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by The PM University student here looking for some good wardrobe staples. My first one is gonna a tall/long pea coat from J Crew (coming to Canada in 2011). Since I'm from the great white north, a few of the US and international brands aren't here. Where can a tall guy like myself find good clothing?* My mall has RW & CO and MEXX so I might go to Toronto and suburbs to get what's good. *not big and tall...seriousy...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Well, the one on the right is a boot... Really?
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant My Daytons came in today. Without a doubt, these will be my next pair of boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor pew pew Sweet. Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I still love my Duckie cordovan proxy specials. The ones on the right are
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton Most of the posts here are very bad and unworthy of review. Great link here to Alfred Sargent's brogue boots. http://alfred-sargent.blogspot.com/2...0-last-77.html Really subtle way to try and get traffic on your amateur blog, twat.
So, my order came in today. Reviews as follows. Corps Jacket: Pics on the website are a little deceptive. The collar is pretty big and bulky, especially on account of the concealable hood (which I may cut out to make the collar less bulky). Also, it's longer (long enough to cover my ass) then it looks on the website. It's pretty light, perfect for spring/fall (especially if you layer). I'm glad I ordered a large, seems to run a tad big. All in all, a good piece on...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Sweeeeet. Thats because Toronto is the heart of Canada babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . I wonder which mall though? Eaton, Yorkdale, Square One? My guess is Sherway Gardens (not technically Toronto, but who really cares).
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