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Quote: Originally Posted by MoxJr lol it makes perfect sense to tell him to use the search function. if you actually tried using the search function, you could see tons of threads discussing j crew ludlow suits So? If you've got an issue with a post use the report to mod button. Otherwise leave it alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I talked with our Wolverine rep today. He said Wolverine is going to make available laces for the 1K boot. He said at this time they are not going to re craft any of the boots and they aren't going to do custom orders. He said they are basically at 100% just making them. That could change but don't expect it anytime soon. In a week or two I will be looking at the 2011 1K line offerings and a couple of new mainline...
Quote: Originally Posted by MoxJr learn 2 search Dude, it's the J Crew thread and he's asking about their suits, it makes sense. You've got 36 posts, don't go around telling people 'learn 2 search'. You sound like the legion of douchebags that trolls SW&D talking about shitty clothing and posting loads of snark.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brattman Also wondering this. Revolve sold out of the 10, which would have been my first choice. I typically wear a 10.5 in sneakers, and a 10 in Clarks. Is it likely that a 9.5 will be too small? Haha that was me who snagged the last one. I had a coupon code for 25% off that was expiring soon so I took a shot in the dark and ordered the same size as my 1000 Miles.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 So what's the consensus on the sizing for Ascots...TTS or size down .5 or so like the 1000 Miles? Bueller?
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS Was a fan of Roy till he decided to have SE handle his sales/distribution. Not a fan of SE and how Kiya jacked the price up. If I was Roy I would of hired a dedicated sales person to handle his sales and raised the price to justify his pay which I'm sure can be done easily with the volume he is starting to build up over this last year and it still not be as inflated as the new price. Go away.
So what's the consensus on the sizing for Ascots...TTS or size down .5 or so like the 1000 Miles?
^^^ Yes
I'm still looking for a pair of dark brown/burgundy cap-toe, lace-up and leather soled 'dress boots'. Preferrably sub-$200. Any suggestions?
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