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Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Canadian prices, what can I say. At Club Monaco here they are $140 They can be easily had for $70-90 online, shipped to Canada. Just gotta look around a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce Mods, please ban johnH123, whoever he is. I'm jet's self-hating alt account. I went into a BR today, most of their stuff is pretty 'meh' and their suits still suck, but I checked out their slim-fit dress shirts and I'd out them on par with BB, especially on 25%+ discount. J Crew is also a solid choice if you're a 'murican or live in Toronto (as of next summer), I could pretty much build my entire...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeG!T with cyber monday coming up, has anyone heard of any deals on black cherry GTs? i've finally decided to pull the trigger, but would like to know if there's any deals i haven't heard of going on! Check cultizm, I think between the sale this weekend and deducting VAT you can get some GTs for around $250.
I don't really wear hoodies except for running/gym but honestly...AA makes a really comfortable hoodie at a good pricepoint (I could never justify dropping a lot of coin on a hoodie).
Mods please ban jet already.
How do these fit (TTS, small, big) and could you fire up a pic of the soles?
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS Be quiet when you don't know the whole story. Like I said, he's better off just ordering direct from the website then from you.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb lol and to top it off he works at J Crew so will be getting a huge employee discount and making even more money off that. What a fucktard. Send a message to KPO89 if you need a proxy.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Not sure if it was specifically for black friday, but at my local Jcrew all of their Levi's collab jeans were marked down to $19.99. Mostly had the "Best Blues" and a dark resin wash, but $19.99 isn't bad any way you cut it. I want some.
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS see it every day. I might buy one myself. Fits well, nice and thick but not TOO thick and well constructed. What size you need? Ill do it for retail, tax, shipping to you and a small fee. let me know. So basically he could order it off the website and pay the retail price, taxes + shipping and save on the 'small fee' that you would charge.
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