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Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Happy day after Thanksgiving all. I see there still is drama taking place when I'm about to post a fit. Always bad timing, but ah well. - NDG Marled Shawl - W+H OCBD - RB15 - Rachel Comey Excellent stuff, as always.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Looks good. Height/weight for reference? Also congrats on passing BMQ
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m As promised heres a fit pic, went grocery shopping and worked in this. Had to fill up my fridge, NO SOFT DRINKS, JUST MAD ICE MF Junya BoOx2 Junya Clarks Just saw this, awe-some.
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton Yes. For some reason you do not appear to know what the thread is about yet you go around casting aspersions upon others who are actually on point. You should probably stop before you hurt yourself. Shit, this isn't the J Crew thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur dont troll the toe box on my 1k mile boots is almost identical to those daytons ^^^This. The 1000 Mile toe box, once broken in, gets sleeker and more defined then it does when new (especially when compared to website pics which always suck).
Another drop, I'd really like to move this.
Quote: Originally Posted by The PM See...the issue is that pictures lie (colour being darker or whatever), size charts aren't equal everywhere and it's a hassle to return stuff. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong... You're in the KW area? Phhh...good luck. Like I said, online shopping. It's trial and error at first and most stores that offer free return shipping can't do it for Canada. But once you nail the sizing with whatever online shops...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet more than you can afford, pal No worries, your mom's gonna kop it for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by The PM University student here looking for some good wardrobe staples. My first one is gonna a tall/long pea coat from J Crew (coming to Canada in 2011). Since I'm from the great white north, a few of the US and international brands aren't here. Where can a tall guy like myself find good clothing?* My mall has RW & CO and MEXX so I might go to Toronto and suburbs to get what's good. *not big and tall...seriousy...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Well, the one on the right is a boot... Really?
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