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Quote: Originally Posted by Lane Gee, if I knew I was speaking to a middle schooler I wouldn't have been so mean. Your mother will be having a word with you about that when she gets home. Tsk tsk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane go jerk off to jcrew Why ruin perfectly good J Crew when I've got your mom around?
Is SF on it's collective period again? adamha needs to post more americana fits and get this thread back on track.
^^^Looks good, I think I might guy a pair and do that to them just for the hell of it. Where are you guys getting these done?
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh more details plz J Crew is opening their first Canadian store in Toronto next year (summer I believe).
Quote: Originally Posted by 300zx1985 Sabarros is always my choice for mall food.. where else can you get that shit? Im guessing they realized no one would pay about 4 bucks for a slice of pizza outside the malls. Orange Julius FTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 You must like shitty sweaters. I get my sweaters from Lands End Canvas, but that's not really a mall brand (for us Canucks).
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'm glad to see the queen of spades of the desert boots regime has been taken out. Don't worry, there's plenty more where he came from.
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Canadian prices, what can I say. At Club Monaco here they are $140 They can be easily had for $70-90 online, shipped to Canada. Just gotta look around a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce Mods, please ban johnH123, whoever he is. I'm jet's self-hating alt account. I went into a BR today, most of their stuff is pretty 'meh' and their suits still suck, but I checked out their slim-fit dress shirts and I'd out them on par with BB, especially on 25%+ discount. J Crew is also a solid choice if you're a 'murican or live in Toronto (as of next summer), I could pretty much build my entire...
New Posts  All Forums: