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Some pretty disappointing sales this year for Boxing Day.
If I may ask, what was your logic behind switching to large-size trees?
9.5E in Barrie...I assume?
I believe Alden's trees are made by Woodlore, which size differently than Rochester. Just curious really - on one hand the trees I have appear to fill out the shoe correctly but alas my OCD has taken hold in this case.How far into the shoe should the tree go? I've got about 1.5" or so of space between the heel piece and front piece.
What size shoe trees do people use for Barrie lasted Alden's in a 10D? I buy my shoe trees at a nearby store and they are all from Rochester Shoe Tree Co. (that's all I can get locally). Their size charts indicate that a size L tree is good for 10W - 12D, these are what I usually buy as all my footwear is in the 10-10.5D range and as the Barrie last runs large, in my mind a 10D Barrie equals a 'normal' 10D. I only ask because the fit on a Large tree is snug (it takes a...
I only measure it when I detect a distinct difference in the fit when I try the item on. If the size chart indicates one thing and the item measures up to 1" different or more, then there's a problem.I prefer my clothes to fit properly, but that's just me.
Is there, or has there ever been an Oatmeal or Cream coloured Stark?
No pic, but I have a question for a tailor. What should I ask for when getting a pair of five-pocket pants (non-denim) taken in at the waist only? I've got a couple pairs of cords and cotton pants in a five-pocket style that fit well everywhere except in the waist. I've had some denim taken in at the waist which involve two small darts being put in above the rear pockets. It worked well enough, but the fit in the seat is a bit 'off' and I understand that it is much...
I think having size charts specific to each run would solve all of these problems. If sizing is going to vary so much, then this has to happen. For what it's worth, on the website there is a note about the duck camp pants fitting smaller - but the size chart is still the same. If these are the first pair of pants you've ordered from them, comparing the size to other TS products isn't going to help.It's because of this sort of issue (not isolated to just TS) that I'm moving...
They work fine, they're a bit chunky but that's just the way it is with winter boots. I wear mine with straight leg pants and tapered denim, I don't think it looks too bad. Everyone around here wears Blundstone boots anyways so I don't exactly stick out.
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