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Just ordered the new 10 oz navy duck canvas camp pants, they look like they'll be a good alternative to denim. But as usual, had to order two sizes to get the right size (which is kind a pain when you're shipping from Canada). Too much variation in pant sizes.
Just picked up some brown Ranger Mocs with the 30% off code from Club Monaco, a basic and versatile shoe for my basic wardrobe.
I have this - the knit is pretty 'open', if that makes sense. Sleeves are pretty long as well. I could have sized down one - but I like the slouchy fit (I don't button it up).
Charles Tyrwhitt suit - 42R Slim Fit Worn 4 times Two button, double vent Pants hemmed to 31.5" (inside seam, hem to crotch), 2" let to let out Pants let out slightly in waist, easily reversed Jacket unaltered in any way Good utilitarian suit, nothing fancy $170 USD shipped Canada/USA - all sales final I apologize for the shitty pictures, just want to get this up and gone. I can provide better pics on request
Here's my Rust pair - bought in March 2010 and worn regularly since then. Sno-sealed every so often and first coat of polish was applied a few days ago (right before pic was taken). No re-sole so far except for having a second topy applied a month or so ago. I love these boots.
In for ball cap.
I bought these on styleforum but never wore them, they just don't work for my feet. They are marked 10D and would work best for a true 10D or a narrow 10.5. Closed channel soles which many have stated indicate they are made to handgrade standards. Very sleek last and very good condition. I'm using photos from the original listing because I want to list these now. I can provide more if you want. No shoe trees, box or bags included. Asking $175 USD shipped Canada/USA.
Are there any discernible differences between the Concord and McAlister wingtips? To my eyes they look to be pretty much the same.
Can anyone comment on how the Fisherman zip-up fit compares to the 'new' Stark fit? I want to get one to use as a liner underneath my lighter jackets (stark is sometimes too warm/thick).
Does anyone have this year's Japanese flannel shirts? I'm curious as to how thick/heavy weight they are.
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