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Seriously? Email for the summer weight chinos comes out today, I read it after work and my size is already sold out?
Back pleats have nothing to do with a shirt's quality.Also, thanks for the nonsensical and unhelpful reply to my question.
Has a consensus been reached on the best way to take in the billowing backs on gitman shirts? A Large on me is perfect in the chest, arms, length, shoulders (all the important stuff....but the billowing lower back (especially on the oxfords) just annoys the shit out of me.
I think I might try the shorts, although I wonder if they'll fit anything like the original Camp Pants (which fit much smaller than the provided measurements or a pair of TS chinos that I had)....
Do the indigo star jacks fit according to the size charts?
Anyone interested in trading? I'm looking for something in Barrie 10E (I think) for a pair of my Barrie 10D shoes. I'm still feeling my way through the sizing process.
I am selling these because these boots are just a hair too small. Worn 10-12 times, soles and suede are still in good condition. Soles will be given a scrub before I ship. I am shipping from Canada, so please take that into consideration before lowballing me. Paypal only, usual caveats apply and I will ship with tracking. Canadian buyers can purchase in Canadian dollars if you wish, PM me to discuss.
I bought these used off the forum a few months ago, alas I have come to the conclusion that a 10E in the Barrie last would probably be more suitable for me. These were a makeup for Leathersoul in #8 shell cordovan, shell is in very good condition and has only barely started to break in. I'm shipping from Canada so please take that into consideration before low-balling me. If you're in Canada and want to buy, I will accept Canadian dollars. Paypal only, usual caveats...
Any re-stocks coming in some of the basic rivet chino colours (khaki, grey etc)?
Great, thank you.Are there no expedited shipping options to Canada? Your website indicates that there is a priority option (3-5 day delivery) but when I go to check out there is only 'International Saver'.
New Posts  All Forums: