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Those are awesome, I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures of them broken in after a few months of wear.
Gitman Vintage "Techno Lumberjack" flannel shirt for sale, size Large. Worn and washed a couple times, but still in good condition. Asking $150 shipped Canada/USA. Retail was $200+ All sales final, ask all questions before buying.
I've got two Gitman Vintage blue oxfords for sale, size Large. Worn and washed a bit but still in great condition. $60 each. I had them tailored in the back to remove the box pleat and get rid of the back flaring. It still fits like a large in all respects except that the back is more form fitting as opposed to the gigantic flaring that Gitman is known for. I can send measurements if required. All sales final, so ask any questions beforehand. I'd prefer to sell these as...
Does anyone know if the Venetian Loafers on the Club Monaco are lined or unlined? It says 'leather lined' but they look unlined in the photos...
Two pairs of Banada Republic corduroy pants for sale. Vintage Slim fit, so not half bad as far as fit goes. Could easily be tailored into a more tapered fit from the knee down (it's slim-straight right now). Grey and khaki colours, size 35. $45 each, but I'd prefer to sell as a pair so lets make a deal. Pics to follow, looking for a quick sale here.
I've got two pairs of the old Fair Ends x Taylor Stitch camp pants. Lightweight cotton, very soft and good for summer. Two available, $80 each shipped but I will do a deal for both. Retailed for something like $125 and sold out now. These run slim, so if you're a 34 or 35 in the TS democratic fit pants these will fit you. Worn and washed a bit, but still in great condition. Pics to come, looking to move these quick. Selling because I finally lost some weight.
Anything new and exciting on the shopping scene in Montreal? I know about Rooney Shop, Simons and some of the other 'big name' stores but I'd be curious if there was anything else worth going to. I'm in town next week and then moving there permanently in a few months.
This is pretty simple, brown calf bluchers from Alden for J Crew. They are in great condition and freshly polished. Shoe bags NOT included. Shoe trees NOT included. Original box NOT included. Normal paypal caveats apply. I'm shipping from Canada so don't lowball me, you're already getting a great deal.
Seriously? Email for the summer weight chinos comes out today, I read it after work and my size is already sold out?
Back pleats have nothing to do with a shirt's quality.Also, thanks for the nonsensical and unhelpful reply to my question.
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