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I am selling these because these boots are just a hair too small. Worn 10-12 times, soles and suede are still in good condition. Soles will be given a scrub before I ship. I am shipping from Canada, so please take that into consideration before lowballing me. Paypal only, usual caveats apply and I will ship with tracking. Canadian buyers can purchase in Canadian dollars if you wish, PM me to discuss.
I bought these used off the forum a few months ago, alas I have come to the conclusion that a 10E in the Barrie last would probably be more suitable for me. These were a makeup for Leathersoul in #8 shell cordovan, shell is in very good condition and has only barely started to break in. I'm shipping from Canada so please take that into consideration before low-balling me. If you're in Canada and want to buy, I will accept Canadian dollars. Paypal only, usual caveats...
Any re-stocks coming in some of the basic rivet chino colours (khaki, grey etc)?
Great, thank you.Are there no expedited shipping options to Canada? Your website indicates that there is a priority option (3-5 day delivery) but when I go to check out there is only 'International Saver'.
Quick sizing questions...how does the indigo CPO shirt jacket and civilian chinos fit? I wear a L in Gitman Vintage and J Crizzle slim fit and I'm a 35 in the "new" APC New Standard fit as well as a 35 in Taylor Stitch chinos.
Anyone had a chance to try the Tokyo chinos, how do they fit? I prefer a slightly roomier leg, these look like they might fit the bill.
Is that available anywhere right now?
Does anyone have any of the summer-weight oxford shirts? How lightweight are they (i.e. close to poplin)?
Are there any floral, Hawaiian or other 'summer' print shirts on sale. Going down to the Caribbean for the first time in a while and I need some new vacation shirts.
Did anyone pick up the "techno lumberjack" shirt and found that it shrunk ridiculously in length. Damn thing is pretty much too short for me now, I can wear it unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath but it looks comical buttoned up.
New Posts  All Forums: