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I've got two one shirts for sale, I'm moving and clearing out my closet so I'm open to offers. I'd also prefer to sell these as a pair: Gitman Vintage Hopsack Plaid - a pretty open weave like madras, but the fabric is heavier like an oxford. Good condition, worn and washed a couple times but otherwise good to go. $90 shipped Canada/USA. Club Monaco Buffalo Plaid - a lightweight flannel-ish shirt. It's Club Monaco's slim fit and fits comparable (maybe a bit slimmer) to J...
I found the newer ones to have a slightly more aggressive taper, which I quite like. I plan on taking my other pairs to my tailor with the newer pair to get the taper copied.Waist and rise appear to be the same, the difference is in the leg, it's a bit slimmer and more tapered.
Has anyone noticed that CM has cut the Davis chinos significantly slimmer recently? Picked up two sale pairs and one full price (with a student discount), the full price one (which I assume is the current season) is much slimmer in the legs.
I'm more concerned about the length, I want a baggy pair of fatigue style pants for just kicking around.
There are plenty of other places that can re-sole shoes, B. Nelson pops to mind.
Thanks guys, I'm 6'1" so I don't think the inseam would work (I was looking at a size L as I'm normally a 34/34 across the board). Too bad, I've always wanted a pair of those fatigue pants.
Has anyone tried to Mt Tabor shoe and able to comment on sizing, how it looks etc? I kind of like them as an alternative to Red Wing.
Can anyone comment on how the olive ripstop fatigue pants fit? I've never purchased any EG items before so I'm not very familiar with how it fits.
Nice, I'll keep an eye out for it.
I think I'm done with Gitman. I've had enough of the poorly sewn buttons, inconsistent (to the extreme) sizing, absurdly long shirttails, and enough extra room in the back to house a goddamn family. Club Monaco makes a better shirt cut then Gitman for crying out loud, despite the family's "long years of shirtmaking experience". I kept the buying the shirts a) because it was the only remotely quality option in my area (I don't order blindly online anymore) and b) the...
New Posts  All Forums: