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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a tailor in Montreal? Someone who speaks English, preferably.
I've got two Norse Projects tees for sale, size Large. They've got a cool pattern to them, no idea what it's called. I've worn them a couple times but not really my style. $45 each shipped Canada/USA, but I'd prefer to sell them together so if you buy both we can discuss a deal. All sales final, ask questions beforehand. Payment via paypal.
That shirt is ugly at any price.
Despite my frequent rants about Gitman's quality control and sizing issues, this does remain true. Gitman chest and shoulder sizing is usually consistent and, in all honesty, pretty spot on for me.But everything else just irritates me - considering the prices they keep asking (and increasing). I've only kept a few shirts in cool patterns and fabrics (which in my view is their only saving grace, especially the madras fabrics they source). But when it comes to basics (which...
I got these:http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=13334114Yea the logos are silly. I got the t-shirt since I didn't see a logo and RC gear is usually pretty awesome, so at that price it would be silly to not get it.I've noticed a lot of the collab stuff (especially Rancourt) seems to just sit in the sale with no one buying it. So I anticipate another 40% off coupon coming soon after this one if they don't clear it all out.
I think it might only work on the Canadian website.
I snagged two pairs of Rancourts and a RC x CM t-shirt. Should have bought more, but I've already got a couple orders in the mail and I need new furniture.
40% off sale at Club Monaco, it says it excludes shoes but it worked for me. Got a pair of venetian loafers for $89 and sand suede chukkas for $127. They've also got the Reining Champ x Club Monaco collab stuff on sale. Shoe wardrobe is now complete until winter.
I've got two one shirts for sale, I'm moving and clearing out my closet so I'm open to offers. I'd also prefer to sell these as a pair: Gitman Vintage Hopsack Plaid - a pretty open weave like madras, but the fabric is heavier like an oxford. Good condition, worn and washed a couple times but otherwise good to go. $90 shipped Canada/USA. Club Monaco Buffalo Plaid - a lightweight flannel-ish shirt. It's Club Monaco's slim fit and fits comparable (maybe a bit slimmer) to J...
I found the newer ones to have a slightly more aggressive taper, which I quite like. I plan on taking my other pairs to my tailor with the newer pair to get the taper copied.Waist and rise appear to be the same, the difference is in the leg, it's a bit slimmer and more tapered.
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