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Anyone had a chance to try the Tokyo chinos, how do they fit? I prefer a slightly roomier leg, these look like they might fit the bill.
Is that available anywhere right now?
Does anyone have any of the summer-weight oxford shirts? How lightweight are they (i.e. close to poplin)?
Are there any floral, Hawaiian or other 'summer' print shirts on sale. Going down to the Caribbean for the first time in a while and I need some new vacation shirts.
Did anyone pick up the "techno lumberjack" shirt and found that it shrunk ridiculously in length. Damn thing is pretty much too short for me now, I can wear it unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath but it looks comical buttoned up.
Keep, it looks awesome.
Some pretty disappointing sales this year for Boxing Day.
If I may ask, what was your logic behind switching to large-size trees?
9.5E in Barrie...I assume?
I believe Alden's trees are made by Woodlore, which size differently than Rochester. Just curious really - on one hand the trees I have appear to fill out the shoe correctly but alas my OCD has taken hold in this case.How far into the shoe should the tree go? I've got about 1.5" or so of space between the heel piece and front piece.
New Posts  All Forums: