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Picked up my new ride yesterday, 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Going to be great for mudding and camping this summer.
Engineering makes sense, my perspective is more from just a daily writing standpoint (which I do a lot of at work).How do Montblanc fountain pens write? I've handled a couple and they seem nice, but reviews seem to make them sound like the pen equivalent of Louis Vuitton (big on brand recognition/display of wealth, light on quality).I like those TWSBI pens, but I've got three FPs already and don't really need more.
I keep saying the same thing, one of these days I'll win.
Lamy Safari or Waterman Phileas. Once you start writing with fountain pens there's no going back. My boss bought me a Montblanc mechanical pencil for Christmas and I have no idea what to do with it. I thought people stopped writing in pencil once they finished middle school.
For the fountain pen aficionados out there, I have a Lamy fountain pen nib for sale. It is a medium sized nib, never used. Asking $15 shipped Canada/USA, these sell for around $20 in stores/eBay. Normal Paypal caveats apply. PM me for details.
I have five three lightly worn Club Monaco slim-fit oxfords for sale; 2 white and 1 grey. Size Large. These are the ones without a box pleat, so they fit quite slim. Much slimmer then Gitman Vintage and J Crew slim fit. I'm asking $35 each shipped Canada/USA, but I would really prefer to sell as a lot so if you want all 3 we'll discuss a deal. Looking for a fast sale here. Pics to follow.
Finally got my first TS order in, I got a pair (well two, to get sizing right) of the 5 pocket twill camp pants in Olive. These are going to be great, especially for summer. I'm keeping the better fitting pair and returning the other for a pair of indigo camp pants. If you haven't tried these camp pants yet, you should. Really really great.
Any restocks coming on the summer weight chinos (specifically navy)?
Plain toe bluchers are mine!
Does TS send out shipping confirmation emails?
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