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These are just like the boots James Bond wore in Skyfall! But seriously, these are amazing boots. They are made in a brown roughout leather, dainite soles and very very sturdy. I bought them 10 months ago and have worn them perhaps 8-9 times a month since. They just never fit me very well, I usually wear a US 10.5, size 10 in Clarks Desert Boots and Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, 11 in Nikes. These are just too small for me. They are a special make up for Rogerson Footwear in...
These have been worn for approximately 6.5 months, however I do not wear denim to work so these averaged a couple hours a day, 4 times a week or so at the most. Size 34. These are very soft and break in quite nicely, they have developed an iPhone 5 sized fade in one front pocket and a very slight wallet fade in the other front pocket. There is some honeycombing developing behind the knees but not much fading there. They were double cuffed sometimes so there is some...
Thanks for the responses, I will probably list them and see what happens. Not looking to actually turn a profit or anything, just want to pass them on to someone else and get some of my $$ back to use for something else. I picked them up on a trip to the UK, they were a special make up for a shoe store in Scotland in a brown roughout type of leather that I've not seen too often.
I'm a fan of the new length on the rivets. I'm a "cuff guy" and prefer a double cuff, but couldn't do it with my pair I ordered 10 months or so ago. The pair I just received are significantly longer and I can double cuff. Thighs seem slimmer though, hopefully they'll stretch out as they soften like my old ones.
What's the re-sale market like for C&J (here and/or eBay)? I've got a pair of Islay boots in a brown roughout leather that are a bit tight for me (I can wear them, but they get uncomfortable after a while). Just wondering if it's worth my time to list them or if I should spend the time/risk to try and get them stretched out enough to fit properly.
Hurray for restocks, I finally got my caramel duck canvas rivets after months of waiting and kicking myself for waffling on the purchase when they were last available.
Twice I've asked this, twice the pants have magically appeared in my size and twice they sold before I could get at them. 10z caramel duck rivet chinos in 34....any chance a restock is coming ever again?
$123 (with SF discount) from Roden Gray. Glad I jumped on it when I did, only XL and S left.
Treton Nylite.
I need spring/summer to come so I can wear my new penny loafers more, winter isn't exactly loafer friendly.
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