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+1 for the archival clothing bags. I got one for my (ex) girlfriend and they are good value for the money.
Everyone knows what these are. Size 32, worn for about a year and washed once. Great condition, with some decent fades coming in. Asking $95 shipped to you but open to offers.
Up for sale is a pair of chinos from Saturday's Surf in a dark navy blue, size 36. These fit SLIM. I normally wear a 34 across the board, down to a 33 in mall brands and these aren't suitable for me - I get pocket flaring (a sure sign of pants being too tight). These would be suitable for someone tall and skinnier than me, they are also meant to worn worn properly as opposed to lower on the hips like denim. Brand new, unworn aside from trying on. Only asking $100 USD...
How much does sizing vary with pants and denim? I have a pair of the camp pants that fit slightly (yet noticeably) slimmer than the pair of summer weight chinos I just received - and now that I see the jeans I wanted have been re-stocked I want to make sure I order the correct size.
Might be in for a pre-order if it's something with a shawl collar.
#menswear has officially gone full retard.
About time.I finally got the navy chinos that I regret not buying months ago when they were released.
Anyone know how the fit is on these?
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