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Caramel ducks on the cliffs of Signal Hill in Newfoundland. I really love how the rivet chinos fit. Just need to find some denim with the same fit...
New with tags. For sale is a white Gitman Vintage oxford shirt with grey stripes. Measurements are widely available if you need them. All sales final, ask all questions beforehand. $85 USD shipped Canada/USA. I apologize for the terrible pictures.
Movie looks fine, it's not going to be like the book but why would it? The average North American (target audience) attention span and ability to process what they're seeing doesn't allow for that many story lines and character development within one movie. That's just the way it is, the movie will still be good but going into it with the mindset that it will be like the book just sets you up for disappointment. What would make more sense would be to make a TV show (think...
Anyone knowledgeble with regards to New Balance sizing? I am looking at a pair of NB 710s, but can't find any sizing info. I'm normally a 10-10.5 depending on the brand, but i wear an 11 in the NB 574 due to the length on a 10.5 being too short.
Also, blatant bit of advertising here...any want a pair of partially worn-in Baldwin denim for cheap? See my sig.
Henley is significantly slimmer then weird guys. Love the softness and quality of the denim, but the Henley is just way too slim in the legs for me.
I've got these too, really comfy soles and rock solid construction.
What's the best option C&J offers for a plain black captoe? I want something sleek, but still classic enough to be used through the full gauntlet of suit-wearing occasions. I can count on one finger how many times I need a suit in a year, so I need something versatile yet clean and basic.
Is it just me or has the cut of the rivet chinos changed a fair bit? The calves are looser and legs a fair bit longer in my newest pair (purchased a month or so ago), compared to a pair I bought nearly a year ago. I prefer the 'newer' fit.
These are just like the boots James Bond wore in Skyfall! But seriously, these are amazing boots. They are made in a brown roughout leather, dainite soles and very very sturdy. I bought them 10 months ago and have worn them perhaps 8-9 times a month since. They just never fit me very well, I usually wear a US 10.5, size 10 in Clarks Desert Boots and Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, 11 in Nikes. These are just too small for me. They are a special make up for Rogerson Footwear in...
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