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Since APC changed their sizing recently, is there anyone still stocking 'old' APC denim? I don't feel like spending money trying to dial in my size again.
That's what I figured, but had to ask before I pulled the ol' trigger.So in that case, anyone know if the sizing advice that seems to be generally accepted for the penny loafers (size down 0.5) runs true for the camp mocs?
How often (if ever) does Rancourt send out a discount code, or do sales?
What would the chances be of size 35 becoming a 'regular' size for the rivet chinos?
Anyone got advice on how EG flannel shirting fits? I.e. if you're a large in Gitman Vintage you'd be a what in EG shirting? I've compared measurements but there seem to be some comments floating around the EG fits a bit differently sometimes, so I don't want to make an expensive mistake (that's what buying shoes online is for).
How do the 8oz canvas rivets fit compared to the 10z duck rivets? I only ask because my 7oz ducks fit tighter then the 10z ones, and I've read here on some sizing variations amongst different fabrics. On another note, those new shirts look awesome. I may need to jump in and finally try Epaulet shirting, my wallet has been having an easy time of it lately...
I sized these wrong, so I'm hoping someone will take them off my hands so I can reinvest in a better fitting pair. They are from the Club Monaco collab and are pretty much sold out, they are marketed as being Brown however they are closer in colour to my rust-coloured Wolverine 1K boots. They were purchased at Chrismas, however I've only been wearing them for the past 2 weeks (now that weather is finally nice enough) to try and convince myself that they fit. They were...
Yea, you're probably right. If anyone is interested in some 10.5D beefrolls, I'll be listing them in B&S once I get around to taking photos.
This is probably a bit of a long shot, however is anyone interested in a trade if, like me, you erred on the sizing? I've got a pair of 10.5D brown cxl beefroll penny loafers from Club Monaco (here)...would be interested in trading for a 10D in a similar loafer (brown/burgundy cxl). They seem to do this is the Alden thread a fair bit, so maybe it can work here. Just curious to see what pops up.
So I just want to confirm some sizing advice that has been given here about Rancourt shoes, especially the penny loafers. I got a pair of the beefroll pennys they did for Club Monaco back around Christmas, and went TTS because of my recent negative experience with 'size down' advice (hence why I now own a pair of too-small C&J boots). I've only recently started wearing them recently now that the weather is nice, and I can definitely say I should have followed the size-down...
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