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Thanks.Still too tight in the thighs for my liking, I've tried them before. APC NS were 'ok' but I refuse to buy them at full price on principle (not worth the price at all).I dropped them off at my tailor, he's pretty good and assured me that he could do it. We shall see. If it does, I will have the most perfect fitting pair of denim ever crafted.
For sale is a Corter leather belt in natural, about 8 months old so it's nicely worn in and developing a good patina. These belts are very thick, and very sturdy. Get yours here for $15 off retail and without the 2-3 month wait. It equates to roughly a 34 and measure roughly 36" from the end to the middle hole. Ask all questions before buying, all sales final. Send questions via PM. Asking $35 USD shipped Canada/USA.
Let's try this again.
What are people's experiences with having denim taken in at the waist? What sort of instructions do you give to the tailor? I always end up with a bigger waist size to fit my legs. I don't do tight thighs nor do I buy denim online anymore so I'm stuck with whatever I can get local (Baldwin, APC and United Stock Dry Goods).
Picked up a Net cardigan for $104 - it's a pretty loose weave and has a neat colour (two types of blue, green and purple).
Ordered a second pair of the camp pants from the Fair Ends website (they had one pair left in my size). Has anyone kicked in for their newest project - Olivers Apparel? I'll probably throw in for some shorts, it's impossible to find decent athletic/activewear so I'm happy to support something like this (even with shipping to Canada at $30, which continues to be a slight point of contention for me).
Rust ages very, very well.
Does anyone have any experience with the Montague chelsea boot? I wear a 10 in the 1000 Mile boots, 10 in Clarks DB, 10 in Alden barrie last, 11 in Nike and 10.5 in everything else. Also, my 1000 Mile boots are going on four years of wear (including 3 Canadian winters) and are only now going to go in for a re-sole after the Vibram topy started separating at the toe and my feet started getting wet last winter. I'm curious to see how the leather sole held up (although I...
Has anyone from Canada used B Nelson? I'm thinking about shipping costs etc.
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