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I sized these wrong, so I'm hoping someone will take them off my hands so I can reinvest in a better fitting pair. They are from the Club Monaco collab and are pretty much sold out, they are marketed as being Brown however they are closer in colour to my rust-coloured Wolverine 1K boots. They were purchased at Chrismas, however I've only been wearing them for the past 2 weeks (now that weather is finally nice enough) to try and convince myself that they fit. They were...
Yea, you're probably right. If anyone is interested in some 10.5D beefrolls, I'll be listing them in B&S once I get around to taking photos.
This is probably a bit of a long shot, however is anyone interested in a trade if, like me, you erred on the sizing? I've got a pair of 10.5D brown cxl beefroll penny loafers from Club Monaco (here)...would be interested in trading for a 10D in a similar loafer (brown/burgundy cxl). They seem to do this is the Alden thread a fair bit, so maybe it can work here. Just curious to see what pops up.
So I just want to confirm some sizing advice that has been given here about Rancourt shoes, especially the penny loafers. I got a pair of the beefroll pennys they did for Club Monaco back around Christmas, and went TTS because of my recent negative experience with 'size down' advice (hence why I now own a pair of too-small C&J boots). I've only recently started wearing them recently now that the weather is nice, and I can definitely say I should have followed the size-down...
Caramel ducks on the cliffs of Signal Hill in Newfoundland. I really love how the rivet chinos fit. Just need to find some denim with the same fit...
New with tags. For sale is a white Gitman Vintage oxford shirt with grey stripes. Measurements are widely available if you need them. All sales final, ask all questions beforehand. $85 USD shipped Canada/USA. I apologize for the terrible pictures.
Movie looks fine, it's not going to be like the book but why would it? The average North American (target audience) attention span and ability to process what they're seeing doesn't allow for that many story lines and character development within one movie. That's just the way it is, the movie will still be good but going into it with the mindset that it will be like the book just sets you up for disappointment. What would make more sense would be to make a TV show (think...
Anyone knowledgeble with regards to New Balance sizing? I am looking at a pair of NB 710s, but can't find any sizing info. I'm normally a 10-10.5 depending on the brand, but i wear an 11 in the NB 574 due to the length on a 10.5 being too short.
Also, blatant bit of advertising here...any want a pair of partially worn-in Baldwin denim for cheap? See my sig.
Henley is significantly slimmer then weird guys. Love the softness and quality of the denim, but the Henley is just way too slim in the legs for me.
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