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I have a pair of caramel duck chinos from Epaulet, if you're not already familiar with them then take a look at the Epaulet thread over in the SW&D forum. These are amazing pants, I own a pair in olive (in the older cut, which was a little more forgiving) and they are fantastic. However, it feels to me like the pants fit a bit slimmer then they used to and I should have returned them for a size up. These are almost brand new, worn 4-5 times and washed once. They were...
Thank you.I bought a 34 in the rivets but need to let them out in the thighs and a little in the waist (I would probably be a solid 35, which means I should be buying a 36 in the rivets). So....a 34 in the TS would be about right eh?
Are your APC New Standard jeans the 'old' fit, or are they in the new updated APC fit?
Can anyone comment on how the chinos fit compared to Epaulet rivet chinos? Those summer weight ones look like exactly the type of pants I'm looking for for summer.
I have the club monaco collab penny loafers, and a 10.5D (my normal size) was way too big. I just don't want to get stuck with a pair of MTO shoes that I can't return.
Those didn't last long...
Since APC changed their sizing recently, is there anyone still stocking 'old' APC denim? I don't feel like spending money trying to dial in my size again.
That's what I figured, but had to ask before I pulled the ol' trigger.So in that case, anyone know if the sizing advice that seems to be generally accepted for the penny loafers (size down 0.5) runs true for the camp mocs?
How often (if ever) does Rancourt send out a discount code, or do sales?
What would the chances be of size 35 becoming a 'regular' size for the rivet chinos?
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