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Still looking for interested takers for the navy wool serge B2B jacket.I also have a pair of olive fatigues from a long time ago (no idea what season), a lot looser and straighter fitting in the legs than the newer offerings. Fit doesn't really do it for me so if anyone wants them let me know and we can work out a price.
I've got a B2B jacket in navy uniform serge, size XL. It looks like this. I like it. But I don't wear blazers all that often and I'd be curious to see what other folks out there might have to trade. I'd be interested in workshirts in chambray (size L), USN pants in navy (size 34), or fatigue pants in green (size 34-36 depending on the measurements). I'd also be interested in other types of shirting. 19th century button down oxfords in L or anything floral in L.
I recently picked up some black fatigues in a black denim-like material, I assume they're from FW15. They fit perfectly. Where might one find stock of FW15 fatigues in olive, size 34 (assuming they fit the same as the ones I have)? I checked around the major online retailers and can't find anything.
What's the shopping scene like in Edmonton these days? I heard Haven closed and not sure what else is around as far as casual wear goes (think Engineered Garments, Gitman etc).
Retails for $399 USD at most shops. This is a good deal Like new condition, worn only 5 times. Never work in the rain. Dark olive green (traditional Barbour colour). The Ashby is a slimmed down version of Barbour's more classic jackets.
Worn 2-3 times. Still in excellent condition. Slim fitting straight fit. Waist fits like a Wings + Horns Westpoint chino in 34. Unaltered. Reasonable offers are welcome. No refunds. All sales final. Stock photos for now, I can take my own later if you ask.
Looking for an alterations place in Montreal that can handle work on a Lardini blazer (arm shortening). Most places here offer "custom suiting" and get lippy if you ask them to work on something else.
Cotton/Linen blend. This is a substantial fabric, more of a three-season piece than purely summer (despite the linen). Size 42R (North America sizing). Color is grey. Slim, modern fit in a contemporary British style. Reasonable offers welcome. Unaltered. Worn twice.
I wear them with heavier chinos or denim (always cuffed) and an untucked OCBD or plaid/flannel type shirt. In a business casual environment I'd try and wear something a bit "dressier" than work boots. But maybe I'm weird.
Please don't do that, there's lots of photos of people trying what you are asking about (even wearing the boots with suits) and it never looks right.I've had a pair in rust for over 5 years now and with regular applications of sno-seal and mahogany shoe cream they look pretty decent to my eyes. I'd say that brown would be the most "versatile" but rust is a far nicer colour and is just as versatile in my opinion.
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