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I've ordered from this website before, great customer service and fast shipping for us Canadians.
All sold out now, damn.
Am I correct in assuming the Metcons aren't readily available in Canada? I can't be bothered ordering from the US given the nose-dive our dollar is taking.
Nike x Poler dunk highs - comfy and water-resistant. Selling because I'd prefer a different size. Size 11. These have been worn for a few weeks, so not brand new. I'll say it again, these have been worn a few times. They are not brand new. $150 USD shipped Canada/USA. Paypal only, email me for further information. Ask all questions before buying, all sales final.
+1I was looking at the new kudu boot collaboration with Taylor Stitch, but with the Canadian dollar being what it is I just can't justify the purchase, even with the massive savings on gas.
Wear a wide belt. That covers up the nipples pretty well.Or just let your freak flag fly.
That's amazing. Any pics of it being worn?
Welcome to the world of endless "surprise" expenses.
That bottom picture is just plain ol' false advertising, they're not showing the pins in the back that are holding the 4+ inches of excess fabric. Gitman has a decent front profile, but side and back profiles on their shirts are atrocious.
This is a blazer/jacket type thing from Penfield, made out of their Hudson Wax poly/cotton blend flabric. It's waterproof, windproof and unlined except for a cool Hawaiian print under the collar and at the wrists, as well as at the neckline. Size XL, but fits like a slim-ish L. Ask all questions beforehand, all sales final. Paypal only, PM me to discuss price and terms. Prices include shipping to Canada. Shipping to USA and beyond is a bit extra, we can discuss terms...
New Posts  All Forums: