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No, you didn't. You stopped replying for weeks which I why I had to go through Paypal to be reimbursed (after they gave you something like two weeks to respond to my non-delivery claim). You also claimed to have shipped the package when you clearly didn't.I can post the chat transcript, if you wish.I don't really care if people want to meet up locally, but members here who might be tempted to try and buy from you on here should know your history with non-delivery and...
Direct from the member. But, like all purchases I make here, I don't send payments as a gift. That way, you're covered by Paypal's policies. He had wanted me to send money by some other third party service, which should have been a red flag too.
Be aware of buying anything from "thekunk07." He's got a bunch of EG posted up here, and I paid for a Bedford jacket almost two months ago. He claimed to have shipped promptly, and then spent the better part of a month making up excuses as to why he hadn't sent a tracking number, until all communication ceased. I had to go back through PayPal to get my money refunded. If you look at his seller feedback, he's done this at least once before. I didn't read it because I...
Are you guys still offering the SF discount?
I imagine that the Bedford it probably gone, but if it's not I will happily take it off your hands.
Still trying to move this jacket, trades would be preferred instead of selling (since a certain online selling platform is full of flakes and I'm getting annyoed).I also have a white round collar shirt, size L, that I'd be interested in trading for something (perhaps in conjunction with the B2B jacket). Image is below.
How does the BDU jacket (in high count broadcloth) fit this year? I typically wear a L in workshirts and 19th century buttondowns, but for a jacket I like enough room to layer a sweatshirt or lightweight down vest/sweater underneath. I'm thinking XL is my best choice, but my local retailers are sold out of L and XL so I can't go try it on.
What season is that Bedford jacket from?
Nomad is overpriced (and their in-store service is brutal), but they usually have decent EG buys and most of the stuff in bigger sizes (L, XL) makes it on sale eventually.Understudy Shop and Roden Grey are two better-priced online Canadian retailers for EG. There are two shops near me that carry EG, but don't sell it online. I've picked up almost all my EG gear at 50-75% off here in Montreal.I actually can't think of more than 7 shops that carry EG in this country (4 of...
Engineered Garments B2B jacket in navy wool uniform serge from F/W15. Worn once. Unaltered. Size XL. Reasonable offers accepted!! All sales final. Paypal only. Measurements: Shoulder: 19.5" Chest: 21.5" Sleeve Length: 26" Back length: 29"
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