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What It Takes-Richard Ben Cramer Got a lot of newfound respect for Bob Dole and the other candidates. You have to be pretty driven to make it as a presidential candidate.
I nearly spit out my drink when she's was talking about her dad and the shotgun. Had to laugh at that. Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man The real estate agent is the new highlight of the show/
Reading about the hearings on radicalization of Muslim Americans.
mindboggling why this hasn't sold. this is a st. andrews suit.
I AM RICK JAMES, BITCH! Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Question: Who the hell are you and why does your opinion matter?
That shirt fits you pretty well. Sorry, random thought.
The B & S forum is pretty cutthroat and really populated by "senior" sellers and flippers. And as for the MC forum itself, I dunno, I just feel like I am not getting as much out of the forum now in terms of actually learning about clothes and shoes. I think a lot of the comments have become just one-liners rather than thoughtful discussions. Other than the WAYWT thread, I find myself visiting it less and less. SPOT on front of shirt? Are you kidding me??? The entire shirt is dirt covered.
Should you clean used ties at all when you first get them? ie. from ebay or SF sellers?
+1 to OP for good PSA. We need more PSAs!
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