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Last week at a cocktail party
I just stumbled in one afternoon shopping and the first thing I saw was a BLK DNM leather marked 50% off. I was about to pull the trigger when I looked at the tag and saw they said the retail was $2,000 marked down to 1k. The jacket retailed at 1k🤔I won't hate the hustle, but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. I've heard similar things about the women's section as well. My girlfriend went to school in Boston and almost all of her friends corroborate this.As for...
Not really about JE, but when I was in Boston last year, it seemed vice versa. Saks sales associates were decently helpful. CNCPTS employees seemed more engaged with finding music and talking amongst one another. The tannery was a joke. Marking things up 2x retail then saying they had a 50% sale....Maybe it was just a one off experience, just my .02
These look terrible
Just received the distressed polka dot, fucking love it! @oakghost I love and hate you at the same time
It's an ottoman!
Date night Balmain distressed western shirt, SLP raw, '13 chain wyatts
@Oakghost I blame you for my purchase of the polka dot button down, but I'm not even mad
That's what I was leaning towards because of the narrow shaft and large hardware. They are black. First pair of wyatts. I've been missing out
For the gurus, what season are these from?
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