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It doesn't make sense to build a relationship with a manufacturer to only do a collection once. Maybe not exactly the same pieces, but I would bet on more items (the same or different) releasing in the future.
Am I not seeing them on the site?
Very interested in seeing the Viberg collab
Yessir @jstrath406
Two out of my three orders arrived last night. I feel like a walking advertisement haha
I would seriously consider sending a PM or email before you lose your mind. I have sent several emails regarding my orders that haven't been shipped and to my surprise, they were delivered today. Might be a glitch in the matrix, but don't wait until they can't fix it before you send an email.
None of my 3 orders have been "fulfilled".
I'm sure they are inundated with orders, but none of my 3 orders since Thanksgiving have shipped. Anyone else?
The Cast/Carbon Black Villian Mercer T in black, white, grey Olive U neck 41 overshirt in red, grey Now we wait and see what these early December drops look like haha
I've bought way too many JE pieces over the past few days😂
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