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Literally took the words out of my mouth
I love the Kelly green. Need a zip up over the villain though
Purchased through FarFetch. Apparently Maxfield fucked up the pricing somehow and are refusing to honor it.
Maxfield isn't honoring the Wyatts on FarFetch FYI
Lol yes I am quite aware of that.£500=$649$650 is 65% of US price ($990)
Yeah, just recently they adjusted their US pricing. Cheapest option is UK...£500 with current exchange rate saves 33%.
Matches is the only place I've seen that carries it. $990 retail is disgusting considering the UK retail is half that. That's my conundrum.
Alright, who can proxy this shirt? Have only ever seen online and US retail is absurd. Thanks guys.
My man!Also, for those of you in London, how is the selection at the Bond st. location?
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