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I know this will cause some discussion, but am I the only one not jumping on board the denim bandwagon? Details are sparse and no one knows how they will fit, but one thing is evident to me: if you're not the "ideal" height for these, the knee blowouts are not going to work. They look too deliberate. The sample they had a year ago as "distressed" was a FAR better design than this upcoming drop. I rock with JE heavy, but really?
I held the bleached flannel the other day. It's certainly a fantastic piece. I am a bit confused though. Are we seeing two different versions released? Yours looks significantly lighter in the top half than the one I saw in store. Also, the version I saw was not frayed. Regardless, something I need to snag before it's too late.
Embrace it. Now you've got an Amiri shotgun T for 75% off 😂
What? Thats crazy to me. Small unecks are perfect and I'm 5'8, 145
What does one search to find this FB group?
Check grailed, just saw a size 29 posted fairly cheap.
Thank you!
Does anyone know if an SLP boutique will exchange sizes if item wasn't purchased in store? I know it's a long shot, but who knows
I must be the only one who doesn't like the hanoi wash. Looks too much like PRPS to me. Looking forward to seeing what the next season brings though.
I would say yes. Have the first release leather yoke. Ordered the same size yuma, fit very boxy.
New Posts  All Forums: