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Love the kith collaboration
I'll take the OG rider. Perfect combo with the nickel accents.
I beg to differ. After owning both versions, they are definitely NOT the same sized M. To each their own I guess.
If you want a size small quilted Escobar, I'd be willing to trade
Ran home during lunch to find my birthday gift (to myself) waiting for me... Will post impressions and fit pics tomorrow.
I think I remember seeing the denim shirts are $395? Also, @JohnElliottCo can you shed some light on the black wash? Looks similar to the old carbon washed jeans?
So after mulling it over, I pulled the trigger on the rider. Putting my trust in JE and what they say about their products. Looking forward to getting it early next week for my trip to Boston. Speaking of, any recommendations whilst I'm there? Shopping, food, etc.
Just some things I've aquired and haven't worn. All are BNWT, expect for Hudson, which are BNWOT. Wings+Horns Westpoint Chino, 29 - $70 Wings+Horns Foilage Herringbone Bush Pants, 28 - $75 JE+Co Quilted Escobar, S - $100 Hudson "Biker", 29 - $65 Hudson "Anarchy", 29 - $105 I feel like these pieces are very aggressively priced, but if you disagree, shoot me an offer you think is reasonable and we can go from there. Looking to move these pieces ASAP. We will figure out...
I also have a BLK DNM biker (amongst Geller and Givenchy leathers) and love the styling of the rider jacket. The price is what's holding me back. Like someone stated earlier, to pay 60% over my BLK DNM biker from a brand not known for their outerwear or leather goods is a little unnerving. I love the customer service and the majority of the products JE puts out, but to release a leather jacket at $1600 with no other previous examples to even half way compare to...
Been toying with the idea of the peacoat for a while now. Glad they still had my size during this sale. Picked up a few other things as well. Pleasant way to start the weekend
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