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Been toying with the idea of the peacoat for a while now. Glad they still had my size during this sale. Picked up a few other things as well. Pleasant way to start the weekend
I understand this is business in the end and some fabrics will cost more than others. I'm not naive to that point. I will continue to support and buy products you release. I appreciate the approach and essentially the risk you take with most of the products. I mean, who the hell would think about an elongated sweatpant? I'm on board for most things, but some I don't agree with. But hey, for every person that doesn't, there is a person that will purchase. In the end, the...
I wasn't going to reply, but since I was quoted, I will certainly add my two cents.I've ordered plenty over the past 2 months. I own most of the current collection in plenty of color ways and even went the distance on the over shirts. My reason for that was the quilted leather yoke to justify the price. In my opinion, the $325 was worth it.Now let's take the recently released SS15 over shirts that don't feature anything new, or even the same for that matter, but for the...
I have to agree with this. Pretty disappointed at the pricing on some of these pieces.
It doesn't make sense to build a relationship with a manufacturer to only do a collection once. Maybe not exactly the same pieces, but I would bet on more items (the same or different) releasing in the future.
Am I not seeing them on the site?
Very interested in seeing the Viberg collab
Yessir @jstrath406
Two out of my three orders arrived last night. I feel like a walking advertisement haha
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