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Thank you for the response. I will keep these emails handy. I hold no hard feelings as I know you are probably inundated with emails and orders. Unfortunately, the times I emailed were regarding returns during the return period.
Strange. I've actually sent a few emails to them with ZERO correspondence. It almost seems like my emails go to a spam folder. I love the brand and the items they put out, but if I can't get a hold of anyone if I need something, that kind of puts a damper on things.
Few things for sale that were purchased and never worn. Both Hudson's are size 29 and fit true. Sorry for the terrible lighting, but I have included links to actual products if you are interested. Hudson Anarchy - $315 http://www.hudsonjeans.com/anarchy-skinny/d/11651_c_1018 Hudson Skinny Riot - $175 http://www.hudsonjeans.com/riot-skinny/d/11669_c_1018 JE Quilted Escobar - $140 You already know...size 1(small) Both Hudson's do not have tags. Escobars we're never...
I hate that this isn't a small. Good luck with the sale!
Just a couple shirts that haven't seen much wear (if any at all) and probably won't as they have been hanging for over a year. 1. Gitman Vintage Overdyed (Toast/Forest Green), both worn very sparingly for short periods of time. Both are size Small. The Forest green is a key collar, whereas the toast is not. $75 OBO each. 2. Hamilton Forest camo, BNWOT. Size Small. I believe this was intended as a sample for the Wooster collaboration they did. $75 OBO. 3. Hamilton Navy...
Minimalist J Jeans - Heavy Painters Canvas Size: 44 Measurements: Waist: 14.75" Front Rise: 10" Thigh: 11" Inseam: 37" Hem: 6.5 Amazing construction, fabric, details(metal back belt loop, frayed hem, etc.) Brand new, only tried on at home. Comes with the garment bag, tags. Pretty much these but a different fabric and metal belt loop detail: http://shop.zambarrett.com/bottoms/minimalist-j-jeans-black *This description was copied from the original seller. Nothing has...
I got 2 Riga hoodies recently, both medium, 1 black and 1 grey. They grey hoodie fits slimmer than the black. Seems almost as if the black hoodie would land between a M and a L. Has anyone had a similar problem?
Is that villain medium black by chance?
Balenciaga black pleated high, worn once, pristine condition - SOLD Common Projects black perforated with him sole, worn a few times, 9/10 - SOLD Common Projects raw distressed leather, worn a few times, 8.5/10 - $150 All sized 42. You can email for faster response ericpryor@comcast.net.
US38 Purchased shortly after the collaboration, this piece has only been worn once (NYE '11) then stored in my closet. A beautiful shade of navy, functional sleeve buttons, shawl collar are just a few of the nice details that make this piece pop! Pristine condition, just looking to move on. Any questions, please email me at ericpryor@comcast.net.
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