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Well folks I am going to renew this thread. Ordered a Germanicos "gold' package suit. $2200. Lots of measurements done but not by the actual tailor. First (only?) fitting happening in two days time. Now, I've had plenty of real bespoke made before eg Cutler, Zink etc. So you'll get an honest unbiased view. At this time my working hypothesis is that it's 'semi bespoke' ie I did get to choose style that you can't with MTM but the process does seem truncated. We shall see.
Obviously they have been cut off for offering the 20% discount. Its a pity because I'd rather deal with them, on any reputable dealer really, rather than the EG store. Even at full price. Does anybody know of any other UK based shop (aside from Ashton and Marks) that you can use?
I am done with buying clothes but my stomach is not done with me. I also assure those lucky individuals with constant weight that shoe size changes as well..
Folks, anybody bought any Top Drawers recently. Thinking of a Burgundy Gladstone. But I'd just like to check out the price other people have been quoted as last time I inquired I got a vague (possibly inaccurate) sense that OS buyers were being charged more than locals.
It's a mind trip. Once you've spent $1,000 on a pair of shoes it becomes a whole lot easier the next time. And style and quality are just as important as fit or else we'd all by wearing crocs. Nowadays I will only buy JL Prestige. But in substantive terms, there is no way that a pair of EG/JL is worth $1,000. Markup is probably 350% or more and the wankery about 874 individual movements etc needed to make a pair is obvious nonsense.
I have both and can detect no real difference in quality. But the JL 7000 (size 9) is way way more comfortable than the EG 82 (9.5). I have relatively narrow feet with a high instep.
Shoes . Shoes More shoes
Can anybody recommend a shirtmake that is locally based. I have previously used Bawden Bespoke (OK) and Modern Tailor (barely adequate) and T&A (worth it for the bespoke but my measurements have changed). Anyway, now feel the need for a more personal touch.
I have several black GG, EG, and JLs and cannot truthfully can't tell any real difference. If I had my $$ over again I'd probably at least try C&Js first, maybe even the benchgrade, for black shoes. However, when it comes to more adventurous colours and designs the JL (prestige) finishing is far superior and the extra money has been well spent.
I intensely dislike 'business models " based on overcharging unwary customers. The prices were virtually the same as for new perfect shoes bought from the makers. It is not a poor attitude to have disdain for such an approach.
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