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BLK DNM may be worth seeing. Coincidentally bought jeans and tee which were really good most of the designs are rather boring even though boring is a subjective term
Grown up clothing sounds bad enough, apprently you're moving to men clothing.
Maison Martin Margiela, doesn't matter what it is or isn't
I don't have a great appreciation for the work that the house of Margiela produces nowadays. The ones I posted are grail status for many who are into designer sneakers.
Condition seems great and white sneakers looks better when worn a bit. Size 41 og Margiela hi-tops, great price
Vibram and Topy are just brands. Both manufacturers have a number of different products for different uses. I know also other high quality manufacturers from Italy which are used by some cobblers.
Is there a good reason to not add? Better resale value and less worrying. I usually add a vibram heel and a thin topy rubber sole to most of my leather soled boots.
If the jacket fits good and you are happy with it, then it is good. I do not believe that jacket must be perfectly sized and made to measure to look good.
Is this another MC rule? "Can't wear toffee if your hair is dark?" If so, rules are not meant to be broken.
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