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Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Your organic chem class average is extremely high; at UBC Dr Jackie's class, w/ the highest avg of all the o-chem classes, averaged 63% when my cousin took it a few years ago. Yeah I know. Our prof mentioned how high the average was (midterm 1 had an 84 avg, midterm 2 had an 83 avg). She didn't curve the grades down since she thought the difficulty of the exams was on par with past exams. She taught this course...
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Are you sure? When I went to law school, 80% of each class at UofT got a B or B+. 10%-15% got As and the rest got Cs. This helped their students get top jobs in NY and Toronto. By contrast, other law schools in Ontario were in the 65% range in terms of Bs per class. I go to McGill for UG and I finished my 1st year with a 3.93 (I'm a science student though and am a 2nd year credit wise). My organic 2 class had a...
Does anyone have recommendations for a tailor in downtown Montreal? Around St. Catherine and University (I go to McGill). I know there are plethora of tailors around this area but I don't want to bring my RLPL shirts into a random shop and wanted some recommendations...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr. Class You won't believe the exchange I had with a customer yesterday. A college kid came in, probably around 23 years old, with his parents. They were Asian, so you know what that means(no racist). The kid procedes to tell me he needs a black suit, navy suit, and grey suit for a new job he is starting in two weeks. I had to stop myself from laughing while he was saying this. Me: Sir, no offense, but you are a...
I like Logitech's VX mouse. A bit pricey but I like the feel of it.
Same with the whole no music routine. Makes everything quicker.
About 2 weeks ago, HRLC was at 20% off everything in store with another 10% off ontop of that... Is it another 20% off now? =/
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciMonster Does anybody know how slim the Charles Tyrwhitt shirts really are? Can you give me your height/ weight to compare? or shoulder size? I'm 5' 11", 145lbs or so. My Charles Tyrwhitt tailored fit shirts (the ones slimmer than slim fit) fit me pretty well. Nothing really billowing out or anything. I would post a picture but my camera is dead right now. I'll do it tmmw if I remember.
I have a drop shoulder (broke my right collar bone twice) but I'm in physio for that and it usually isn't noticeable IRL. Yeah I'm going to bring it to a tailor to take it in the waist this week. I'm in the wierd spot where I'm between a 38 and a 40 (this is a 40R) so that's probably why it's loose on the waist. I also have broad shoulders and a small waist so yeah. Off to the tailor it goes. Thanks!
Haha. I can't justify spending that much on clothes when I haven't reached my twenties yet and am still growing. Maybe in a couple years when my body stops fluctuating so much..
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