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that's why it's called dress shoes, cuz it may add that 'dressy' to your casual outfit. Go for the sneakers if you want casual. light colored prewashed jeans is pretty casual too imo
any updates on the customer service? it really is responsive and helpful, perhaps it suggests that the company is still small=)
hi guys, got a question here. Is there a way to avoid indigo running into light-colored shoes or perhaps minimize the color transfer? I have a pair of white shoes which I don't wear any longer because I don't to spoil the color. Or is it something to live with when you wear raw denim?
haha guys certainly I spent a fun 15 mins reading all these 10 pages. The 'yaeba' thing was quite informative, I finally knew what to refer it as. Oh and of course the 'trip planner' idea is quite sound. I might try that sometime
can anyone post up some fit/ fading photos? would be great thanks=)
haha, it's funny that you seem to be the only one posting fit pics in this thread. the fit is looking even better now with that soak. How long have you worn this?
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix he means "the unbranded brand" denim. i think they sell it at one of the mall shops you guys have in the states. basically no frills raw selvedge. think naked and famous but lower quality and price. i'd be interested in pics. Oh I see, pardon my lack of knowledge. I did some google search just now and found that the denim is 14.5oz? for $78? gosh that's cheap! do you think it's a good brand to...
^ especially from the number of pages in this thread, RJB doesn't seem to get any hype at all compared to the other pages in styleforum. Well I guess it has its place in superdenim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T Huh? Grab Roy's jeans for $150, while you can. There's no other jean made with that kind of attention to detail, and such a good choice of fabrics at anything like that price. personally all the detailing and stuff are interesting, but it's just the brand on the leather patch. might have been better if he put his initials instead? I dunno..
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI To be honest, been wearing my unbranded brand denims, and theyre doing quite alright, fit is great, fading is coming along fine, cant complain, pics if wanted unbranded denim? you got it tailored? if so, which denim fabric u used? I'd be interested in some pics.
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