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Ha thats funny I grew up in NYC and my dad used to take me to Paul Mole, its been around forever, he got his hair cut there too. I always liked going there because they had Playboy magazines in the waiting area.. Thanks for the recommendation I will give Gido a try.
I need a new hairdresser/barber whatever you call the guy/girl that cuts your hair in NYC. My friend gets his hair cut at Astor place for like $15 but he does the popular Hitler youth haircut which is buzzed on the sides. I've gotten really cheap haircuts there and elsewhere but they were not good. My hair is pretty thick, needs a scissor cut, thinning/layers, so I don't want it buzzed. Any recommendations? Preferably in the $30-45 range? I have a guy that's $60 and...
Price lowered again--now $55 plus shipping.
Price lowered now $65
Still available.
Price lowered, now $70.
Still available.
Still available. Canada shipping ended up being too much $$
New Posts  All Forums: