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Sorry, what is SA? And you mentioned contacting you for pre-sale. Would that apply even if I am not in Canada?
Man, I just read that they had a 40% off accessories earlier this month. I am looking to buy the Filson duffle. Any idea if the 40% off after Christmas sale will apply to accessories? Any more deals to be expected on Filson?
What! You're tripping.
I need an opinion on these boots: I just picked these up for $15, yes $15. Any recommendations for replacement laces? Should I treat the leather with anything? I haven't worn Timbs since high school. (When I was in my Wu Tang phase.)
What are your measurements? It seems like a lot of people size down on these J. Crew jackets.I got a medium and im 5'11", 178lbs, 40R chest, 32 waist... hope it fits!
Just picked up the woodland jacket in navy. Kinda rolling the dice on this one since i cant find a picture of the jacket being worn by someone ANYWHERE on the internet. Oh well, hope it looks good.
Hi Peacoat,Doesn't look like the buttons were moved. The wool is pretty flawless and it looks like the buttons are evenly spaced on either side of the jacket. (Equal distance from the edge on both the left and right breast.)
I assume the sleeves are much shorter in the small as well? The sleeves are already short on me in the medium, I imagine a small would be much worse... I just hate how wide the bottom of the jacket is!
The jacket is zipped in the 2nd pic. Should I try taking it to a tailor to have the waist taken in?
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