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I enjoyed the visit/review, and love the shoes, but sadly, they are way out of my league.
Stumbled onto this earlier this morning, thought some of you guys might like it. A visit to shoe maestro, Pierre Corthay | Om Malik "When you think of high-quality, high-end shoes for men, you think of shoes made in England or Italy, thanks in part to brands such as Alfred Sargent, Trickers, Loakes, Santoni and Bontoni. French brands don’t get that much mindshare, even though the French shoemakers hold their own against their European peers." http://om.co/2013/01/06/corthay/
Single vs. double-vent jackets? ... Where in the sartorial hierarchy do single and double-vented jackets sit, relative to each other? Been watching some old 1970s TV shows lately and surprised by how much more common double-vents seemed (at least in those shows) than today. Thanks, Chris
I think it's a new weave.
D@mn, those look GREAT, congrats!!!
LOL!!!!! ;-)
If they were mine, I would strip them, use a light amount of conditioner, then polish them. I bet that alone would improve them 80%. If after that you're still not happy, send them to one of the well-known shops.
Getting ready to switch from Allstate for home and auto, their rates continue to climb for us. I've gotten very favorable quotes, significant savings, from both Progressive and Erie Insurance. I like the idea of Progressive as they're huge and have a large presence. I like the idea of Erie as they have an agent right in our town. Soooo ... Anyone have any really good or bad things to say about any of these agencies? I just called Allstate and gave them an opportunity...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS will help you look less like sally jesse raphael. LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I have a few old borrelli white shirts....i love em. great fabrics, thick buttons, etc. I picked up a couple new ones this past week....what happened? WAY less hand work. fabric is still great, but there seems to be a noticeable difference. Honestly, I dont see THAT much difference in the new borrellis and my T&A or Ermenegildo Zegna or Charvet shirts.... My question...is there any brand currently that would be...
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