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I am loving the navy filson tincloth...anyone have any idea how it will wear with time? Those of you with navy they eventually fade into the dreaded dad jeans look?
True. I do like the structure of the 24 HR a lot more than the 256/257. The refurbished Filson bags do look pretty neat, although I'm not sure how the navy will look after a decade of use. I suppose the 24 HR bag should still be durable enough for daily use.
Recently bought a Navy 24 hour bag...I was under the impression it would be a buy it for life product like the 256/257...but now I see it's actually made of thinner less durable tin cloth vs Twill. :-( How long can I expect this to last? Do I need to baby it since it's not the thicker material? I usually try to fit my laptop, and several heavy books into it. Will the fabric be able to support this?
I'm new to barbour and was wondering how often they restock items in the non classic line such as some of the heritage stuff. When an item is out does that mean it's discontinued for the season and thus forever? Or do they restock the non classic/heritage lines pretty regularly?
Picked up these boots, do you boot gurus know who they are by?
Can anyone ID these? Uses the European designation of width "F, G, etc" instead of US made width sizes "D, E, EE, EEE, etc" so I'm thinking they are european in origin Inside has this
Thanks for the quick response to my noob Canali question! I'll go home and take some pics later on.
Picked up a 100% cashmere grey Canali sportcoat today. I don't really know too much about Canali other than people here seem to pick them up a lot. Is there different lines of quality? Or is it a pretty safe bet that this should be a good quality sportcoat?
Anyone recognize this label?
Does anyone here have any pictures of their old old old well worn tin cloth? I read that it takes on a nice vintage look but can't find any examples online.
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