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The Knicks are up against some tough road matchups in the next couple weeks. Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, etc.
Rondo putting on a show so far. I still don't understand why the Celtics want to trade him.
Magic - Thunder finish was a little bit more exciting than expected...
Those tequila commercials with Michael Imperioli. I loathe them.
I'm short on cash right now and am looking at the down jacket - does anyone have any recommendations on sizing/quality? I'm 5'10", 165 lbs and am usually a small/medium.
I thought the stunt was pretty lame, but at least it offered a little bit of levity in what is otherwise a very pretentious awards show. Speaking of Cohen, has anybody seen this clip from The Chaser's War on Everything? This is some collegiate level trolling here.
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber. It's for class.
Dre Beats. You can get headphones that are just as good for half the price, even if you don't look that hard.
Statements like that can't even hold up to the broscientific method.
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