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The Knicks defense is mediocre with Chandler and horrible without him. Anytime you give up 119 points to the fucking Bucks you know you had a bad night.
Coming from a Seahawks fan, I'd much rather have Matt Flynn or Colt McCoy than Tarvaris Jackson.
I was watching TV with my roommate (who doesn't work out) and one of those Crossfit Reebock ZigTech commercials came up. He said, "Is Crossfit, like, some combination of working out and dancing?" I lol'd.
I wish they featured this guy more. He's a badass and brings the lulz on occasion.
The Thunder also lost to the Wizards in Washington. It's a bad loss, but not a death sentence.
Tony Parker with 23 @ halftime against the Knicks. I take it Lin's been guarding him most of the time?
I farted during deadlifts yesterday. It was very uncomfortable and awkward.
The Timberwolves are a good team. Their wing play is terrible (even with Beasley back), but they have three solid point guards and the best power forward in the league not named Dirk Nowitzki.
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