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Is that what a typical dorm room at Hillsdale looks like?
If YouTube replaced "Innocence of Muslims" with a video slideshow of Kate Middleton's topless photos I'm sure these riots would be over quickly.
Also, lol at the people blaming Obama for this.
Some fact checking needed about that private sector jobs quote. Regardless, he's giving a pretty good speech - at least a lot better than that talking points-heavy snoozefest from Warren.
Given that the current presidential election is between a Mormon and a former member of Jeremiah Wright's church, I don't think being a paragon of orthodox Christian thought is requisite for election nowadays. Also, believing in separation of church and state does not necessarily equal "skepticism of Christianity". There's also atheists (Pete Stark) and Muslims (Keith Ellison) in Congress. Granted, being a bible-thumping social conservative is necessary to get elected...
More attacks on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital. They didn't really work for the first time, I don't think it'll be different this time. Hopefully Bill Clinton makes up for this crap.
"Julian Castro is an ethnic minority who came from a working class background, got his law degree from Harvard, and became a Democratic politician. Therefore, he is literally the next Barack Obama" - pretty much every news outlet in the country
CNN labeled Castro as a "Democratic star" which is perplexing given that a.) nobody's heard of him, including James Carville, and b.) briefly browsing his Wiki article it doesn't seem he's done anything particularly substantial as San Antonio mayor. I understand that being a mayor of a major American city is no small task, but c'mon. But that doesn't matter because FOUR MORE YEARS
I dunno, but these speakers have been pretty uninspiring so far. I liked Ted Strickland's speech for calling Barack Obama an "economic patriot".I didn't watch the RNC, but I imagine it was similar for the first day - lots of low-to-mid level party hacks preaching to the choir. It's fun to watch the circlejerk hit critical mass, but I don't really understand how these conventions contribute to our democratic process.
New Posts  All Forums: