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I'm thinking about buying a pair of Clark's desert boots. I heard they fit a bit big, but how much exactly? I'm usually a size 11 but I was deciding between a 10 or a 10.5. Thanks
Band of Horses - Infinite Arms BoH can do no wrong.
I've been playing the first Mass Effect, great game but the combat really blows sometimes. How much better is the second one?
He should be a NBA ref.
She's married to Nick Cannon....whenever I think of him I think of that Dave Chappelle skit when his son says, "Dad, Nick Cannon's hilarious!" and Chappelle replies, "Man, fuck you son!"
Under its terms, he was not allowed to threaten, harass or intimidate anyone in the borough of West Norfolk, an area covering about 400 square miles. So before that, it was perfectly acceptable for him to harass, threaten and intimidate people?
What's the SF opinion on Topman clothing? I'm a clothing n00b been looking to improve my wardrobe and some of their stuff looks quality and affordable, particularly their jackets. I'm a broke college student so if anybody could also recommend me some nice, affordable peacoats/leather jackets that would be appreciated.
I saw that Spice World was up there as well. Easily one of Hugh Laurie's finest performances.
To those recommending Uniqlo for us broke-ass college students: where's the best place to buy their goods? AFAIK they only have one US store in NYC and don't take online orders. Thanks.
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