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First they came for the goldfish, and I did not speak out - because I was not a goldfish.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I'm not a fan or anything, but I don't mind her. This. Yes, she is a partisan hack that does little other than advance simple talking points, but she does it without launching ad hominem attacks and is usually respectful towards those that disagree with her. She's a helluva lot better than Ed Schultz.
Her prestigious education at one of the top universities worldwide led her to some top-class...internships, lol. NYU has the highest student debt percentage in the nation IIRC.
Chicken, brown rice, and assorted veggies make up the foundation of my diet - cheap, easy to prepare, and great for lean muscle gains.
Los Angeles
I thought "educated" people didn't take the trains - isn't that for the uncouth proletariat?
Quote: For fuck’s sake there are chicks out there who talk ad nauseam about their masters degrees and they make youtube videos with their dogs about queefing for a living. My sides hurt.
Quote: Originally Posted by djlukin Not sure about the entire P90x as a whole, but youtube has a load of videos of people performing the ab ripper (often the most notorious segment of p90x). It is quite demanding, and while I'm sure that it almost certainly overloads your ab muscles and hip flexors, it is demanding and relatively fun. Give it a shot before investing, I would assume the rest of the workouts are similar in intensity. I've never...
Liberal arts students and hipsters are celebrating everywhere.
Bachmann is a loon. What about Cain as VP?
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