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I think ESPN has been filtering out the sound lately. It's still pretty bad though, I say they ban them once group stage is over.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I want to punch the guy in the video who won't shut up with "Are you serious? Are you serious?" +1, he reminded me of Dick Vitale.
I almost gave up on it after a few episodes, but the last part of the series was done very well and I'm stoked for season two. Olyphant was surprisingly convincing in his role, but the guy who played Boyd stole the show.
Brazil should score eventually, they're too good to tie with North Korea. NK's striker is pretty badass though.
This is just a giant clusterfuck. I didn't really see what the problem was with the conferences in the first place. It sounds like it's just going to make conference schedules more competitive, so we're going to see the same guarantee game crap that's been happening the last few years. Florida's football schedule last year had juggernauts like Charleston Southern and Florida International. If they really want to fix something wrong with college sports, fix the BCS.
4chan will love this movie. I watched the "Red Band" trailer and read some things at IMDB and it seems like it blows "The Human Centipede" away in terms of depravity and shock value. Supposedly there is some type of socio-political value to the film, but I'm skeptical.
Brilliant answer asshat, that thought occurred to me too, but then I realized I a.) live out in the middle of nowhere and b.) don't have access to a car for the next two weeks.
Pretty much anybody on Ninja Tune is great. Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Bonobo, and Blockhead are all great, Tobin especially.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD keep the titties and ass exposure going strong! +1. One of the few things this show has got right.
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