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Kevin Love with 40 and 19 tonight. Granted, it was against the Bobcats, but dude's been tearing it up lately. Speaking of the Bobcats, an Anthony Davis/Bismack Biyombo frontcourt would be pretty awesome.
Made Dean's List this past quarter.
I really hope Chone Figgins doesn't suck this year.
Portland blows. What an absolute phail of a season.
He'll certainly be a great fantasy quarterback who will put up some impressive statistics over his career. Time will tell if he'll be able to consistently lead his team to victory, however. Also, he seems to be practically indestructible like Tebow/Roethlisberger.
I watched Transsiberian earlier today. It was a good flick, but the ending was a little too contrived for my tastes.
David Garrard is actually a decent quarterback. The Jaguars are a much worse run organization for releasing Garrard (who went to the Pro Bowl in 2010) and starting a scrub like Gabbert instead.
Just think if the Knicks didn't trade him...
Not sure if serious, nobody's saying he's going to be a superstar right out of the gate. They really didn't pay that much for him, and even if he turns out to be a mediocre quarterback he'll still be better than the Tarvaris Jackson/Clipboard Jesus combo. The Seahawks desperately needed a QB, and he was probably the best out of all the FA's with the exception of Manning.
Fucking Crossfit strikes yet again.
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