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You must have missed the part where I agreed with you that our usage of drones will end up doing more harm than good. Probably in between the time you were calling me a "bloodthirsty cunt", pettily making a point that I forgot to put a "d" on the end of "Associated" (the horror!), etc.
I did some Google sleuthing and the only source that says al-Banna really wasn't killed is AQAP itself. Oh, and that Esquire article, that was totally unbiased and didn't have an agenda or anything.Furthermore, here's an Associate Press article from just a couple months ago reiterating that al-Banna was indeed killed.http://news.yahoo.com/yemeni-officials-airstrike-killed-al-qaidas-no-2-174307189.html
I'm curious as to why you think the younger al-Awlaki was deliberately targeted by the US military, as sources indicate he was killed in a separate airstrike that killed a senior AQAP operative. Consider this article from al-Jazeera (who are certainly not apologists for the American government).http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2011/10/2011101564019722483.htmlThe teenage al-Awlaki was one of those "eight other people" that were killed in the strike. I am certainly...
Santorum will not be the nominee. John Thune and Brian Sandoval are possibilities. Neither of them seem too crazy.
Probably because only a handful are legitimate (PATRIOT Act, drones, drug war, etc.) and the rest are just silly nonsense about how Obama is a terrible president because he watches basketball, refuses to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide (a hot-button issue if there ever was one), and occasionally misspeaks from time to time.
Who would have done better if elected nominee: Ron Paul or Rick Santorum?
Even Dick Morris isn't as confident as this guy!edit: Nevermind. Dick Morris has Romney winning 325 EVs. Sounds legit
Fair enough. Have you seen any of the stuff on VICE about Syria? It definitely has a stark pro-FSA, anti-Assad slant, but the footage is interesting (and extremely disturbing) nonetheless.
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