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I agree that the thick waist isn't aesthetic, but provided one does pullups and OHP as accessory lifts that shouldn't be too much of a problem.American football players are very athletic, I agree. However, most of the top players are a.) genetic freaks, and b.) a lot of them have probably used PED's at one point or another in their career. Also, they certainly do a lot more cardio than most guys that go to the gym and just lift and maybe mess around on the cardio...
I'd agree for 10k/marathon/ultra guys, but there's a lot of middle distance runners (e.g. 400-mile) that have solid physiques (e.g. Nick Symmonds, LaShawn Merritt, even Alan Webb is pretty jacked).I'd say that some combination of cardio and weight/bodyweight training is the best for overall athleticism. If you want to look "aesthetic" (whatever that means) then some combination of deadlifts/squat/bench 3x a week with a carefully controlled diet is a good option. However,...
Yeah, he's definitely not returning to the NFL anytime soon.
^ Probably one of the many bullpen failures we will see from the Red Sox over the 2012 season.
Boston, like LAA, has a solid all-around team except for a very questionable bullpen. Given how competitive the AL East is likely to be this year, I don't see them making it unless their relievers improve.
Mariners-Athletics games are incredibly boring. I'm pretty sure there were a couple A's-M's series last year where less than 10 runs were scored combined over the entire series. Given that the two teams play one another over a dozen times a season, and usually those games are incredibly close, I'm sure we're in the running for one of the boringest rivalries in pro sports.
According to Wikipedia, Slovakia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic all have lower life expectancies than the US, and all those countries are in the European Union.
My dumbass professor said that "US citizens have a lower life expectancy than citizens of any European country".
How long have you been cutting? It seems like it's been a while.
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