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I'm pretty sure most schools give you a warning or some other light form of punishment the first or second time you get caught plagiarizing. Universities are much more forgiving nowadays.
Worse than Andres Biedrins?The Clippers' inability to make free throws is their achilles heel. Griffin, Jordan, Martin, and Evans all shoot between 40-60%. Granted, all their guards are great foul shooters with the exception of Eric Bledsoe, but having such terrible free throw shooting in the frontcourt is a major liability.So far this problem hasn't hurt them in the series versus the Grizzlies, but only because the Grizzlies consistently shoot something like 10% from...
I'm glad the Knicks finally won a game, even if it just delays their inevitable series loss until Wednesday. I hope the Nuggets somehow find a way to beat the Lakers. Also, Kenneth Faried is awesome. He's like Reggie Evans with actual offensive skills.
So some 5'5", 155 pound 21 year old on the Astros named Jose Altuve hit .367 in April. I find this much more interesting than the endless bloviating about Albert Pujols.
UPS is terrible. If you live in an apartment it's basically impossible to get a package from them.
I hope Mike Carp and Mike Trout somehow become the two best hitters in the AL West. Fish battle!
Considering the Spurs and Lakers won by 15 and the Grizzlies are up by 20 at halftime...not sure if serious.That was a stupid move by Rondo, but he had plenty of reason to be upset. Those calls were BS.
Bell, California city manager.
Yoenis Cespedes may make the Athletics watchable this year.
Cousins is very immature, but he's been playing beastly lately (except for the Clippers game where he was in foul trouble the entire game). The Kings suck and are a long way away from being a good team, but they've accrued a fairly solid nucleus of young talent. Cousins is a top five center, Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans are solid, and Isaiah Thomas is and easily the biggest surprise of the 2011 draft so far. They could be a pretty sweet team in a couple years.
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