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I live with three other military age males and everything's cool.
They really need to restock their knitwear They finally restocked their dry packaged tees though, you guys size down for those?
If only this man had chosen a less devious avenue of crime - say, selling anti-tank missiles to Iran, outing covert CIA agents, or ordering subordinates to break into a rival political party's headquarters - he probably would have received a pardon (or, at the very least, a commutation of his sentence). But instead he decided to sell a highly addictive and dangerous drug that kills millions of people each year. Sad.
It's the Daily Mail. Of course it's bullshit.
Even the Hollywood libs don't like this movie - only 48% so far on Rotten Tomatoes.Still probably better than a Lifetime movie though.
This proves why firefighters need armed guards with them at all times.
Let's not also forget that NYPD "good guys" shot nine innocent bystanders in August when responding to a shooting.
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