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Well, number one would be to use some more discretion when bombing targets. A substantial percentage of the strikes are "signature" strikes that target individuals that purportedly match an insurgent/militant "profile". However, the exact identities of the individuals are not known. It is fairly well documented that the civilian casualty rates in signature strikes are a lot higher than in personality strikes.
Not just the Middle East either. The US may soon be expanding the drone program to West Africa to fight groups that are linked to groups that are linked to groups that are linked to groups who may be, at one point or another, linked to Al-Qaeda
Shorter Furo: "You shouldn't concern yourself with trivial matters like secretive assassinations of US citizens, because the intelligence community knows what's best for your safety and security." I have no fucking reason to trust what anyone in the "intelligence business" says given their repeated lies throughout the course of the War on Terror, including (but not limited to): -Guantanamo Bay is full of high-ranking terrorist operatives and unrepentant Jihadists (when...
Dude, this memo is the very definition of a slippery slope. Not only does it say that the lax conditions laid out aren't even necessary for a drone strike to be authorized, it also says that there can be an "imminent threat" even though there is no evidence the individual in question is planning an attack on American interests. I really don't know much more slippery slope you can get...
It's amazing that some of those devious bad guys are able to disguise themselves as women, children, village elders, first responders, or funeral attendees in order to escape America's wrath. Luckily, our friendly CIA was able to see through the ruse and keep America safe from terrorists.
Wow, what a fucking douchebag.
Wow, what a fucking douchebag.
Given the American government's sparkling record of detaining and enhanced interrogating Totally Not Innocent people at Guantanamo Bay for the last decade, I have no reason to believe that the drone program has not accomplished similar standards of excellence.
About that imminent threat to national security...Under that definition, US-operated drones are targeting imminent threats to our national defense. Then again, under that definition, pretty much anything could be construed as an imminent threat of violent attack, which is why we are having this discussion in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: