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Sweet Caroline
To be honest I wasn't incredibly pleased with the grade, especially since I would have gotten a 4.0 if I had not half-assed a question since I was running out of time. I mainly wanted an excuse to post that gif.
DirecTV commercials. "Don't wake up in a roadside ditch"
Blake is such a drama queen.
Agreed, although I think an exception is needed for This Means War.
I thought I received a 30/40 on a midterm. It turns out the TA writes sixes that look like zeroes and I actually got a 36/40, which puts me well above the class average.
Does anybody want Justin Smoak?
He's better than Shaq. Then again you just have to listen to Shaq during halftime.
All the frat & sorority douchebags at my university cheat on exams by storing test records and stuff like that. Higher education really sucks nowadays.
I've been a procrastinating bitch lately.
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