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25 today for 6,244 total. Did them at the end of the workout instead of the beginning like I usually do; certainly made it quite a bit more difficult.
That Chris Paul block was a sketchy call as well (although the Clips could have prevented the entire thing from happening by actually getting back on defense). However, I don't understand the fuss about the Tony Allen "travel" since he was getting hacked by Griffin and Evans repeatedly before he traveled.
Griffin's knee is obviously bothering him. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph have both beat him down the court. This makes no sense.
+1I dunno, Blake's a great player and all but the Memphis series hasn't proved anything we didn't already know - if anything, the series has proved how valuable and clutch Chris Paul is. Paul's been clutch pretty much the entire series (in which four out of five games have been decided in the last minute), whereas Blake just piles up his usual 20 points and 10 rebounds while missing a shitload of free throws and committing silly turnovers.
What a bunch of self-important fuckwits. I remember seeing some Crossfit douche bragging about how he got some gym employee fired because the employee told him not to carry a barbell over his head through the gym. He did a lot of other douchy stuff too. The video was on Crossfit's official youtube page, like they were proud of this guy.
More proof that SF is populated by manlets.
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