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Haha yeah thats way too much material for my needs. Any recommendations on another fabric? I need something that'll help with this heat. It's part of my daily uniform so it has to be durable enough for weekly laundering. Pure linen was great, but the heavy wrinkling had me looking like I was wearing pj's by the end of the day. Most people use the awful "clothman" material. It's very durable, but doesn't breathe. I think its 100% polyester.
Anyone know where i can find a cotton linen blend in white? I've only been able to find linen, but the wrinkling is uncontrollable in the Philippines humidity. I have to starch it to levis stf level to prevent the wrinkles. I couldn't find any at kamuning when I visited 6 months ago.
Heads up, their US online store just opened and the brick and mortar location in NYC will be opening soon. I'd really like to hear some reviews of their most recent gear.
You've got a really wide range of shoe sizes. Do you happen to know how you fit in New balances or Clark's?
Obviously everyone here was a fan of the side zips, but the stock is pretty much depleted. Do you guys know of a good alternative? I was a big fan of their clean cut, low profile styling with a fairly neutral rounded toe. However there was a well known issue with their build quality in that they had a cheap sole that sometimes fell apart. Im looking for a similar style and if anything I'd like it to have a more substantial heel. A rubber sole is fine since I don't...
Hello, Im looking to pick up a tux for the coming wedding season. I'm a 38S and am looking for something relatively trim since I have an athletic build and a 7 inch drop. Peak or shawl. No notch lapel. Black or midnight blue is preferred. Let me help you clear out some closet space! I'd like to keep it around $200.
Is anyone else proxying the boots anymore?
Posted before in leather jacket thread. LV bomber. Not even sure if they made it past one season about 3 years ago. It's reversible calfskin with a cashmere lined interior.
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