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I will drop by.
I place I haven't seen talked about here yet is Yasu. Went there a few months back. Well, actually quite a few months back, when it was still spotted prawn season. It is in a small space on Harbord near Splendido. You sit at the counter and watch the chef prepare an omakase menu in front of you. No seared waygu or bacon in your hamachi, it was all very traditional and extremely fresh. The spotted prawn were still thrashing about on the plate when he prepared them. The food...
Yes, the halls and stairwell downstairs to the washrooms were like that, not so much the main dining area. I didn't realize where that came from.Momofuku Daisho last night. Not the tasting menu side but the regular restaurant. Its family-style/sharing dishes. All of it - from the Brussels sprouts (done crispy like baked kale) to the arctic char - was very tasty. Again with the bench seating though - I'm afraid my ass isn't that well padded, not a big fan of it. Portion...
Probably a little late for this but I went to Bent before the holidays. Susur Lee is back in town at least temporarily. The place is run by his two sons and I guess he has been helping out in the kitchen. Rather than pick a la carte we let him do a full meal for the six of us. Food included sushi and typical Lee-type Asian dishes, all of which were good. Some choices were a bit odd for a table of six (errrr, why would you provide a plate with 4 small appetizers to 6...
Managed to swing by Momofuku Shoto this week. The architecture of that entire building - the glass cube beside the Shangri La - is impressive. You walk in at street level to the noodle bar, a soaring open space as the 2nd floor above it is mostly catwalk. There is a bar on that 2nd floor which you get to over the catwalk but it is tucked into the hotel side. There are actually two small restaurants on the 3rd floor. We were in Shoto, the staff they said the other side was...
Three floors. Casual - presumably your hated noodle bar. An actual bar. And the main restaurant, some incarnation of the 2-3 hour tasting menu experience that tomgirl refers to; the real reason for caring.
Meh, condescension. It's hardly going out on a limb to suggest that a successful chef has a higher-than-normal-chance of doing well on subsequent ventures. New York envy? Seriously? Have you never looked forward to a new album release because you liked the band's previous? A new movie because of the director? Its not that hard of an association to make.
Looking forward to this opening by the Shangri La http://www.torontolife.com/daily/daily-dish/rumours-rumblings/2012/08/14/momofuku-toronto-kitchen/ although will probably be stupidly busy for the first 6 months.
Are they actually dry-cleaning your shirts or laundering them? Usually you bring a cotton shirt to a cleaner it gets laundered unless you ask for something different or it has a dry-clean-only tag.
I've generally tried to avoid having the shirt darker than the tie. Light coloured ties can work, but usually only with a white or very light solid shirt.
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