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Prices include CONUS Shipping. $30 Zegna sport shirt. Made in Italy. The shirt is clean all over with no stains or holes. Pink with woven stripes of white and navy. The collar is a hidden button down. Sized as a medium and measures..... Neck 16 Chest 22 Shoulder 18.5 Sleeve from Shoulder 24 $30 PRL Custom Fit Buttondown Shirt - Medium - 100% Linen in purple and white. Not new but in excellent condition. I wore it twice, and decided it is not my cup of tea. ...
A beautiful blazer in excellent condition. No stains or holes and all of the seams are tight. The coat has two buttons and side vents. The sleeve buttons are not functional. It is tagged as a 42R but here are the measurements..... Chest 22 Shoulder 19 Length BOC 31 Sleeve from Shoulder 24.75 (+1.5)
New, never worn and as clean as can be. 21 oz selvedge denim, slim cut, Made in Japan. Here are the deets..... Waist 31.5 Inseam 36 Thigh 11 Opening 7.25 Rise 9.5
You win!That green Hermes is the shizzle....
+1 You should probably set fire to it to make sure it is authentic.
Deadstock generally means NWT, never worn, tried on etc., but quite old.I forgot to mention I passed on a pair of untouched Alden Shell wingtips for $275. No box, no bags, and 6.5D and that made me pause. I guess I could have opened the auction to Japanese bidders, but I really hate shipping international.
This is from about 6 stops over two days.Pants..... [[SPOILER]] Shoes.... [[SPOILER]] Sportcoats.... [[SPOILER]] Shirts..... [[SPOILER]] Ties....... [[SPOILER]]
That is called a popover. Nice haul!
Holy Shit a Carlo Franco. Now there is a blast from the past . The history of CF is long and storied. There is probably a thread somewhere that goes into it. The quality was excellent that is for sure !Edit: BTW the Faberge ties are generally good quality. The Made in USA ones were made by Robert Stewart out of NJ.
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