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Anyone notice the RL site now tells you remaining stock levels when you choose a size?
The first version had sort of a strange rounded bottom. It wasnt flat so it felt a little odd to walk in. The new ones are better. I got the first olive ones and like them but the new navy ones i like more. They unfortunately didnt make half sizes and i need an 8.5. If anyone wants a navy pair in size 8 before i send them back let me know.
Heres been doing it with Polo way longer than RRL too.
Got that too. Leather grain isnt as smooth as the moto jacket from the season before but its heavier and has a nice lining inside. Im not into the color of it but if you like it then its worth it on sale
I have it in a large. Nothing special about it at all. You can get the same jacket minus the RRL tag for about $20 at an army surplus store
Was watching American Pickers last night and pretty sure Mike Wolfe was in a pair low straights
For RRL Womens Sizing it runs from size 1 to size 4 so its close to this1 - XS or US 0-22 - S or US 4-63 - M or US 6-84 - L or US 8-10At least this is what ive gathered from my girlfriend trying on pieces ive bought. Shes usually a US 4 and an RRL size 1 dress was too small but a size 1 Tshirt was a nice tight fit (size 2 also was though). It sounds like she would be a size 2 in RRL sizing
Did you get those bags? Lets see some pics
Bobbys is an amazing place to walk into. IIts got the aesthetic of entering an RRL store but everything isnt reproductions of vintage clothing. When i was living in Lynn, MA the Bobbys warehouse was across the street from my house. It was closed to the public but you can get in on appointment. I know tons of designers source from there.
The blanket lined Type II looks nice
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