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No stores have sales items anymore. Only sale stuff is online. Stores wont have sale stuff until late spring probably when black/purple label go on sale. They arent doing RRL in the upcoming sale
I have it also. Great coat, wear it a few times a week.
That beacon sweater is finally in the US webstore. Def grabbing at the first price drop. Has anyone seen the Krouse Popover in person? I cant decide if its fugly or awesome
Youre the same as me. I bought a small and then sized down to XS
You would have probably needed to size down on that anyway. Its way bigger than it should be
I have the OG green ones and size 8 (which is my standard RRL size) fits perfect. I got a pair of the indigo ones from last year (not the newer indigo ones) and size 8 was half a size too small. size 9 was half a size too big though. and they dont make half sizes in them so i was SOL
Can we shut down the sales in the thread shit?
Same thing I heard. Theyre trying to move to the luxury side of the brand with purple label and black label
I tried it on. Denim is alot heavier and nicer. The fit is pretty much the same as Slim Fits from the knee up and then more tapered from the knee down. I liked them alot
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