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Same thing I heard. Theyre trying to move to the luxury side of the brand with purple label and black label
I tried it on. Denim is alot heavier and nicer. The fit is pretty much the same as Slim Fits from the knee up and then more tapered from the knee down. I liked them alot
Why not just have a tailor fix it for like $20? It just looks like the inner liner needs to be shortened?
Not sure of the accuracy of it but i was told they are changing the sale model for RRL and sales wont be as frequent or deep
Theyll be in the US store eventually for probably 60-70% of the HK price i bet. They just havent been delivered yet. They arent an Asia-exclusive item like some of the new Norfolk Sneakers
I bought the endurance also in a small (my usually size for shirts) and the thing is so oversized. i just sized down and got a medium. good shirt otherwise
looks great!
The Prince St store only closed because their rent got tripled.
Thats me. Your crazy leathers drew me in haha. Hows that two toned leather shirt? Ive never seen one in the wild before, only on Japanese reseller sites (sold out on there too)
Managed to get a Ross varsity in XS yesterday for $172. Thanks website and price adjustments
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