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Sorry I'm not giving the names out. Most of them are private profiles
Theres a team of people whos sole job is to travel to vintage markets and antique stores and acquire pieces for the archieve and to use for store decor. I follow a few of them on IG
Were the sneakers on sale? Or just happen to be in that photo
NYC still did a week ago but it was really slim pickins.
My MF stuff is limited to a few tees, some Road Champs and a Bronco Champ (which is made in Japan). Im a big fan of Sugar Cane though so like you said i have high expectations as well.
Does anyone have the most recent RRL Brown CXL Engineer boots that they wouldnt mind sharing some pics of? I want to see how they look with some wear
This.I love RRL but alot of items I like in theory are things i would never wear because i personally dont like wearing pre-distressed clothes. Not to say i dont think its still awesome, just pre-distressing isnt for me.Alot of MF is made in the USA too, theres a few awesome pieces i want to pick are that are Made in USA - Campus Cardigan, Appaloosa Shirt, Trooper boots. The Road Champs are made by Julian in LA.That said im not one who generally cares where something...
I feel you. Although at full retail a Bronco Champ is less money than an RRL Moto, and its horsehide not steer. Win for MF there.
Yeah lets get the man fired!
Its pretty much the same price as RRL really, its just that MF never goes on sale. Leather jackets, denim shirts, boots - all the same price as RRL.
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