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Cant get into the tan one but the Cafe Racer from two seasons ago was great (the black one). I tried on a small mendonza but it was too big, and XS was nowhere to be found. It does look awesome after a few months of wear though (one of the guys in Bleecker had one on hes been wearing since it came out)
I sell medium to Japan alot for what its worth
They already do send things which are out of season in the US over to Japan. Alot of what the Tokyo store opened with was out of season in American items.Besides, the final sale prices at RRL stores are very close to outlet prices anyway. Getting stuff on final sale isnt that much different than buying it from an outlet, aside from the fact that store employees go out of their way to help you while outlet employees go out of their way not help you. The .com site is...
I was told by a friend who manages one of the NYC RRL stores. He has no idea how theyre planning to implement it but that they were told about it last week. They already started shipping stuff back to .com. Thats why random sold out pieces keep popping into the webstore in quantities of 1
Anyone ever try the slim fit leather pants? Hows the fit
Wow, looking good USPS.
You could try calling a store when theyre on sale?
Havent seen those yet. I havent hit Woodbury in a while
R.I.P. - PSR Just was told that instead of sending stuff to outlets theyre going to ship it back to rl.com once end of season sale is over and sell it marked down online.
I wish that had kept that the way it looked in the lookbook for the season
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