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Post a front shot. Top down view does nothing man!
If you bought it you can do whatever you want with it on ebay. You just cant act like youre an authorized retailer of the brand
Store managers loved me, corporate hated me
Usually if something is reported as counterfeit ebay will pull it down immediately with no questions asked. You might need to claim to be the trademark holder though? When i used to sell Barbour stuff i had all my auctions pulled down by ebay because Barbour claimed they were all fake (which they werent). And when i beat that wrap they had them pulled again by saying i had their trademarked logo in my auctions (which i didnt).
If anyone is hitting woodbury and wants to grab me that red 93rd brigade buffalo hoodie in a small (or xs), holla at me
The PSR store will sometimes randomly go 75% off in the middle of the week for no reason and switch back before the weekend. Multiple times ive gone in and they told me oh you should have come on Tuesday, everything was 75% off. But thats a rarity
You could go to customer service and get a coupon book. They cost like $10 or free if you have a AAA card. Theres usually a coupon in there for $25 off if you spend $250 or similar to that
This one will be good for the Polo outlet store, but not the PSR store where the RRL is or the RL Luxury Accessories store.
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