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Yep. Its a skinny jean basically
Weird that those would be there since they had no problem selling them out online and in store
Picked that up on the markdown that happened in the beginning of December. I think they sold out right after that. Its super nice, i wish it were a bit shorter but thats about the same as every RRL shirt
The Ranch fit like Slim Fits everywhere but the waist. I got a pair of size 29 and it was like a normal 29 Slim Fit with the waist from a 30 or 31
Try Rakuten. Theyre all in Japan
I was in Bleecker street and they showed me
Iron Horse looked great. A lot of black cat imagery used again. Rough Rider was great too. Wasnt feeling the WW2 stuff but i usually dont like those unless its Buzz Rickson.Not sure how many people are going to want those Slim Narrow jean, the regular Slim cut is pretty slim as is
Vineland Outlets have nothing. I was there last week. Most outlets have nothing now since they do clearance on the website
I thought it was just holiday collections going 30+30 (51% off). I was told other items would remain at the current sale level.Got a look at the spring book today. Some really awesome stuff coming up.
$300 - IRON HEART 301S Size 30. Bought from Self Edge LA last fall. I wore them twice all day around the house, once to shovel snow in last winter, twice to band practice and once to play a show in (no sweat). 6 times total. Hemmed at Self Edge. I stopped wearing these over the summer and lost weight and now theyre too big. I sized down to a 29. As you can see there is very minimal wear on them. These are not the new batch with the selvedge outseam on the...
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