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The RL online store doesnt work like that. If it says n/a then its been sold and they havent pulled it from the store yet. Stuff can sit in someones cart for a long time but they dont pull from inventory until after its bought.
Unless you try it on you dont know how it fits. The Knowles fits different than the Wilkins and theyre the exact same jacket in different colors. RRL stuff isnt consistant just because it looks the same
Seen those on ebay a few times. Trucker jacket from the mid 90s
An actual LOL?
They also fit really shallow. In addition to a medium being too big, it also felt like a yarmulke with a brim.
Sizing is terrible on them. Large translates to about a size 8 in fitted hats. Im a 7 3/8 and a medium is too big on me.
Aero has one in horsehide for the same price - http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=978Just saw a suede one at Levis today that i think im going to get
It looks like that motorcycle jacket has hair on the front panels of the jacket? Or is it just a product of lo-res pdf?
I dont see why not. That isnt out of season stuff. Most of it is current/full price.
Cant get into the tan one but the Cafe Racer from two seasons ago was great (the black one). I tried on a small mendonza but it was too big, and XS was nowhere to be found. It does look awesome after a few months of wear though (one of the guys in Bleecker had one on hes been wearing since it came out)
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