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Don't forget the Graphic Arts, the Phoenician, Selinas, the San Miguel...
I like the chambray shirt with that tie. Would also look good with one of your tweed ties from last year.
Clothes brushes seem to come up very frequently at second hand stalls in community markets (eg Rozelle, Glebe, Paddo etc) and in thrift shops - perhaps people don't use them much these days. Often they are in sets of different brushes for different purposes. I got mine at the markets. About $20 for four brushes.
That would be the one published by the Australian Institute for Public Satorialism as part of their monographic series "Vamp"? Well researched and convincingly argued. Particularly pleasing was your demolition of the anti-hosiery obscurantists of the Naples school. Your praise of the single hook vent and natural shoulders was a touch neo-mercantalist/imperialist for my tastes, but impeccably stated.
Only for plastic surgery
All depends on the fuzz factor. I have one of Jason's blue woolen herringbone ties and it is very smooth and matte - kind of perfect really! You could wear it with a gunny sack and it would still look great.On the other hand, I have a couple of Ballantyne cashmere jobs with the fuzz factor dialled up to 11. I wear them because I like them - but I acknowledge that it is a bit "non-standard", so there are times when I wouldn't. I'm not a CBD lawyer, but I was once, and I...
HK casometimes s be quite cold for short periods in Winter.At this time of year the temps in Sydney and in HK are very similar - mins in the low 20s and highs in the high 20s/low 30s and high humidity. The very thought of wearing tweed at the moment is enough to make me barf.
Me too. I'm thinking of ordering a pair from Zee's. Just plain Jane, black suede captoe oxfords.My only worry is fading.
This is good advice Bunny. I have properly wide feet as well, so I can sympathise. Even in the widest fittings available here, there is always compromise - they are either massively too long or vice-like. Other than just puting up with it, Zee's and Alden are probably good options.True bespoke shoes, at high quality points are going to be very expensive. Better to experiment with somewhere like Zee's first. I have a pair. As JM said, they are not superb quality, but...
Yes, Birdland.
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