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I have two teenage daughters and is a common usage by them and their friends - and has been for the last seven or eight years. I used to spend (waste?) large amounts of time, normally on the way to or from Saturday sport, explaining the difference between a verb and a preposition...and that versus means against...and you wouldn't say you were "againsting" the other team...and then I just gave up
Take the commercial job in Tamworth unless you really need to be in Sydney. Commercial legal experience in a big country town will give good exposure to a range of things and the experience will travel to other jurisdictions more readily - giving you better options down the track.PI can be interesting work, but the amount and type of work is very much subject to changes in policy. Look at what happened to all those workers' comp barristers in NSW a few years ago. When...
Whenever I use "hook up", my teenage daughters find it hilarious. My, how they laugh and laugh! Apparently, "hook up" now means something else.
Scary to think it is 20 years..I have a few at home from the old days that I still wear (except the creepy flesh-coloured ones...they went to vinnies)
Camper Pelotas!...actually are they possibly so out that they are in again?
The target ones are a bit thin and the crew neck is not that fitted - same with cotton on. I used to like Hanes Beefy Ts. I bought them in now-def unct Gowings. The crew neck used to stay in place. Not sure where to get them now.
Don't forget the Graphic Arts, the Phoenician, Selinas, the San Miguel...
I like the chambray shirt with that tie. Would also look good with one of your tweed ties from last year.
Clothes brushes seem to come up very frequently at second hand stalls in community markets (eg Rozelle, Glebe, Paddo etc) and in thrift shops - perhaps people don't use them much these days. Often they are in sets of different brushes for different purposes. I got mine at the markets. About $20 for four brushes.
That would be the one published by the Australian Institute for Public Satorialism as part of their monographic series "Vamp"? Well researched and convincingly argued. Particularly pleasing was your demolition of the anti-hosiery obscurantists of the Naples school. Your praise of the single hook vent and natural shoulders was a touch neo-mercantalist/imperialist for my tastes, but impeccably stated.
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