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I've begun doing a search of places I want to visit/live and collecting amazing looking home and lofts and such. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would.Monaco is the top of my list but I'd probably settle for a cardboard box there. That place is perfect.
50 amazing properties/homes around the world - probably ends up being worth more than $50 million. For clothing? 50 bespoke jackets. Really doubt I'd need or want 50 suits but I could definitely have 25 S/S and 25 F/W jackets and find a way to have good variety. I wonder if Vox already has this, or how close he comes to it. I already have over 50 ties and I wouldn't need 50 pants, shirts, or pairs of shoes.
Amusement parks? I've been tall enough to go on all the rides for years now.
An dark olive tweed jacket would look nice.I own the burnt orange/rust tweed pants from HY. Very similar color and it works well.
Great pick up there, Stitchy. I really like that color combo.
I'd say 8" to 8.5" for dress pants. I'm opposed to narrow leg openings for several reasons. I'm 6'1 and roughly 175 pounds and 8" or 8.25" is what I use.
Let's hope they changed in the 2.5 years since these things were written
Last one on the right is awesome.
Yes, that is pretty frustrating as a customer.
Any chance the sizes were also mentioned or no?
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