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The bolded part isn't weird. It's more like ...A few different times there have been all sorts of suggestions covering the entire exercise spectrum and it would spiral into a mix of trolling and debating. And half the time, the suggestions weren't even informed ones.
Just read over the discussion about bidding strategies ... My unsolicited two cents is that when you have a seller who generates as much traffic as Spoo does, nothing really matters ... sniping, early max, bid, etc. I think there could be merit on not bidding until near the end if the seller is a total random who doesn't get much traffic. That way, maybe the other one or two people interested in the item don't know there's a lurker. But yeah ... I think Spoo's page sort...
Agree with all this. I take an 11 in Inca and an 11.5 in Rain and Forest lasts. Consensus always seems to be that Inca last is .5 lower than what you'd take in nearly all the other Carmina lasts.
Haha, seriously. I had good luck last year - not so much this year. I think that's mostly a function of the Eidos name getting bigger and more popular.Last year there were so many staple items kicking around at like 50-75% off and this year it was closer to what you see in other brands - just the outliers that are less versatile and such.
Yeah - I think the main idea in the discussion I'm recalling is to not get so hung up on a color that you totally dismiss it, since the fabric used can make it seasonally appropriate and I agree with that.By blah blah blah brown is for farmer.-StyFoDude
I think Havana and Hudson have appx. .5" of difference in the button stance, with Havana being the higher of the two.
I remember a conversation from last year where the discussion point was something along the lines of the jacketing and suiting driving whether or not something is Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. My brain (and I suspect a lot of others) tends to think of brown as Fall - earth tones, and such. I've changed my way of thinking since then, though. Short version: Brown doesn't always mean fall. I'm not crazy about SuitSupply but they do check in at a pretty good price and I...
Eh, still a 12-14 hour day (if you're good lol).
I have one to add: http://www.styleforum.net/t/516879/drop-bnib-carmina-semi-brogue-inca-last-uk7-burgundy With the way all the online merchants price adjusted Carmina last year to account for the changing exchange rates, $300 for essentially brand new Carmina shoes is potentially the best sale price you will see anywhere online. I think the Inca is Carmina's widest last, so that's something to take note of if you're interested. A lot of people need to go down a half...
Sleeve length looks pretty short, no? Even if you like showing more cuff than the average person, those sleeves will ride way up if you're sitting down while wearing that jacket.I was going to recommend a 38L but the jacket length of the 38R looks to be on the longer side of acceptable so the 38L could end up being too long.
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