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What I mean when I call the exercise industry a glorified scam is that a consumer can spend a lot on a packaged DVD set that contains a workout routine they can find on the internet for free. I'm not debating if the workout will yield results or not.It's the same way WeightWatchers is a glorified scam.
Anden, too. His is my favorite so far.
P90X is okay. Its best feature is keeping an undisciplined person, disciplined. That whole industry is a glorified scam, though. Maybe not even a glorified one ...
I think the short-term bond market is open but has a 12 PM close.
My vote goes for smug Patrick Bateman, for what it's worth.
New avatar really threw me off.
Yeah LBM's and Boglioli jackets are tough for anyone over 6 feet. I don't want to look like I am wearing Thom Browne. That said, all of these should easily sell. Good prices and good products.
His left shoulder is slightly more forward than his right - not at natural rest. None of these types of fit pics can ever really tell you sleeves are slightly uneven or other similar minor fit issues. That said, I also dislike the tie. Ha.
Inseam's a dealbreaker. I am tall. Great buy for whoever gets it.
Go for it and let us know how it turns out for you.
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