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Death by spring/summer questions before pre-orders are even wrapped up. Holy hell.
I wanted to like this but the framing of it and invite only and so forth comes off as beyond pretentious, much the same as the lounge had that same pretentious vibe to it. Maybe I'll check back in a couple weeks and see who posted pictures but the first impression wasn't a good one.
You can avoid a fuzzy navel if you wear something else under the jacket.
That top Scabal fabric is pretty cool. I can picture it really dressed down with with a white linen shirt, no tie.
I'm not sure if you should either haha... but I do know you just got yourself an excellent fall/winter suit at an excellent price. Enjoy it!
DT: Is that the Eidos 3 piece that No Man Walks Alone was selling last year?
Definitely. Lesson learned, especially this time of year.
I regret not seeing this thread sooner. I almost never look on SW&D. The Jacket Fresco looks so nice.
Not sure who you mean by the old hands, but the ones I put in that class have been gone for like 4+ years now.I think SF has become pretty cookie cutter these days, and very heavy on the affiliate threads, but the bespoke thread can still be enjoyable.
I feel like every time I see solid value on B&S, I scroll to the bottom and Razl has already posted it here. Not so, this time. http://www.styleforum.net/t/517176/bnwt-2490-adriano-sons-gray-flannel-suits-54eu-44-42us-made-by-raffaele-caruso A F/W staple suit at a pretty good price. I'm not in the market for anything right now, but this would have really tested my resolve if it was more like standard 40R sizing.
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