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I think the firewall here is blocking the pictures this article refers to.Does this help at all?http://putthison.com/post/18794580651/how-pants-should-fit-its-much-easier-to-get
I occasionally use this setting on mine called "air fluff" which is just a very light tumble with no heat. Mostly, though, I hang dry and then iron out the odd wrinkle or two that's still there.I iron the way I grocery shop - as needed, instead of a lot at one time.
^ Nice. The original pictures made it look too dark for my liking. I actually don't own a single shirt like that, but probably should at some point. I own a lot of solid dress shirts and then a handful of ginghams in different colors and scales that I wear casually.
I didn't see this one posted: http://www.styleforum.net/t/506258/kent-wang-mtm-staple-navy-hopsack-blazer-fits-40l-42l Great value here.
I wrote my comment with a smirk, if that counts.
Just make sure you don't get your clicker devices mixed up. Would hate to think you're changing slides but you shred a few rows of students instead.
I agree, and I hope they do.I don't use credit cards at all, so MTO is always a nice option for me when I don't need an item by any particular date.
It was posted Spoo was trying to sell a lot of 5 or 6 40R Epaulet jackets that all had the same measurements, and these must be the ones that haven't already sold. They're on the slim side of a 40R, if that helps any. But the exact measurements can be found, too.
^ Haha. It makes me think of Run the Jewels but that's only because that's what it is and I really like their music.
I think patch pockets can take on the balloony look you're referring to if you use them functionally and put heavy stuff inside them that will stretch them.But if you don't use the pockets, I think they can also have a clean look and to me they add another layer of distinction between an orphaned suit jacket and a sport coat. I'm okay with flap pockets, but much prefer patch pockets for casual jackets. I'm never okay with ticket pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: