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The brown and green check looks amazing
I think subtle, narrow pinstripes on a charcoal suit look nice. I've seen some subtle windowpane ones and wasn't crazy about any.
^ That's good to hear. My Virgin Island Water is a little more than halfway gone at this point so I may be pulling the trigger on that.
Very interesting fabric. I agree that it looks great.
I'm interested in this as well.
I've needed to replace some anyways, so I'm in for that.
I think it's partly ego and partly people being afraid to put in a big max bid because they know his listings have so much traffic. So people are trying to snipe each other $2 at a time.
That's great to hear. I own about 10 Yellowhook ties at this point so maybe I'll stop by and say hello while you're in Boston.
Completely agree. If you're in or around a major city, you can find business who are already familiar with a 3r2 jacket.
I read that book in my early 20s and it really stuck with me. As an aside, which is technically on topic here, the SS Thinner jacket in burgundy is tremendous looking. I haven't browsed clothing much lately but that one really caught my eye.
New Posts  All Forums: