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Awesome, thanks man!Rdio's ability to help you discover new music is pretty weak. I read some music review sites but otherwise I basically have to click the related artists section for people I already listen to and then preview tracks and stuff.They do have a recommendations section, but they haven't coded it to recognize if you have already favorited a recommendation so I'll end up seeing a lot of stuff I already have on my playlist.Maybe I'll give Apple Music a try.
Sick. Yeah, these are a steal. Good luck with quick sales.
How is Apple Music different from Rdio? From what I can tell, it's basically the same cost and features between the two.
Yeah ... I mean, there are lots of reasons why you should take those aggregate ratings with a grain of salt (shit, no pun intended).A lot of people just don't know much about it to begin with, and aren't really benchmarking their review properly. If they live somewhere with shitty options and then travel to a major city, most of the time it's going to be an upgrade and they'll call it amazing.Similar to Amazon reviews, you can usually skip over a bunch and find one where...
Sounds like there's one on the not recommended list.
That's fine, as long as they go quiet when the book is put down. Otherwise, that's probably schizophrenia.
I use Rdio. Same concept as Spotify but I liked Rdio's mobile app interface better. As far as music selection goes it's mostly the same. I think Spotify paid for the rights to Metallica reissues and a couple other artists who weren't going to release their music on these platforms, but that doesn't affect me. I listen to a decent assortment - I really like the early and mid 2000's Brit Rock stuff: Arctic Monkeys, The Rifles, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, and the...
20 new posts since I was last here and nearly all of them are about trying to settle on a new name. Nice.
Mutatis Mutandis sounds like the long lost member of Gwar. Not even sure how many people will get that reference, but it's awesome.
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