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I saw that one as well but lately I've been favoring patch pockets on all my odd jackets. I really like the color of it, though.
Wow, that's so nice.
Snagged a couple pair of Castaner espadrilles - ecru and camel.
You're a good man, Spoo.
Those shoes look like they're grinning - pretty cool
Holy shit. What a steal. http://www.styleforum.net/t/524992/buday-hand-welted-lasted-hatch-grain-and-fox-reverse-suede-derbies-50-off#post_8478989 Not my size again - bummer.
I'm a 40! I have so much blue, so i was hoping the sizes were swapped between the two you have for sale. Tan summer suit is still a hole in my wardrobe.
I just promoted this listing in the B&S thread. Excellent deal on two pretty common sizes, which is getting tougher to find on here these days.
Two great Eidos suits for sale by someone who always has very nice items on B&S. If these were flipped around I think I'd have bought the tan one for myself. http://www.styleforum.net/t/524934/two-nwt-eidos-napoli-suits-38r-and-40r
I'd go mid-grey suit, light blue shirt no french cuffs, and the solid dark green tie.
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