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Got it, thank you. I agree with you. I very seldom see someone wearing them.
Do you mean rare in terms of how often you see someone wearing them, or rare in terms of who makes them? If it's the latter I may disagree since even Allen Edmonds and Jos. A Banks carry a wholecut shoe in their line up - it's not like you need to pay a premium and go straight to St. Crispins or G&G to be able to own a pair.
Thank you, as always, for the excellent opinions. I've definitely seen some very nice suede shoes in this thread. I'm sure I will eventually own a couple different varieties but, for now, I just need to narrow it down to one so I can be practical (no fun).
Yessir - that last from them is optimal for me, in fact. I think the other Carmina last I have is Forest. Those look very nice, by the way.
I like Carmina but the narrower lasts do not work for me. I was also seeing some Alfred Sargents on NMWA that looked nice, but my size is gone and I may not be buying these for a little while as it is.I don't own any Vass yet and I've read many times that sizing can be tricky with them.I also own and enjoy a couple pairs of G&G.As far as style, I am not too fussy. I'd probably like to steer away from wholecuts, though.Lastly, thanks very much for the recommendations...
Just one pair for now - something to mix in during the week with a SC. I'm reigning in the spending and also debating whether to sell off a couple pairs of shoes or look into the possibility of changing them from standard to wide width. More than likely selling.
The one suede shoe: What's yours? I'd eventually like to add a pair to my rotation and all opinions are welcomed.
Wow, very nice
I should have explained in more depth, but it's this quoted type of quality difference that I meant in my post.
Yes, agreed about quality and price. I'm not sure if that reply was directed at me or not so I just want to clarify that my point has nothing to do with that. There's also poor quality bespoke work done out there, too.
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