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I picture a single tear slowly trickling down your cheek, like that old anti-littering commercial with the Native American.
Good call. You see TTO in a suit and he looks as comfortable as if he was in pajamas. I'm also a fan of his hat game.
I think a simple "they are ugly" could cover it in less words.
At least you really made it count, so you've got that going for you.I've been holding strong. Moving to Canada (eventually) will probably cost me a lot so it's been easier to remain disciplined than the average person, I'd imagine.Some HY winter pants are calling out to me, though.I will likely buy a pair next month.
There may be an argument for a SF "uniform" (I'd say navy jacket, light blue shirt, brown tie of some sort, etc. etc.) but that's just a nice look that happened to get really popular. I'm not sure how much actual groupthink there could be that also isn't grounded in a lot of realism and knowledge. If certain things seem they are repeated a lot, I think they may have to do more with fit than telling someone what to look like, and they may be accurate statements.I can think...
I am enjoying the fact that a certain someone hasn't posted anything, but has liked your post. A thumb is worth a thousand words, or something like that ...
Original GMTO thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394113/poll-no-man-walks-alone-x-sartoria-formosa-group-mto-sport-coat-vote-for-favorites All fabrics and fabric makers/numbers can be found here from the original offering unless you are referring to fabrics that were not part of this.
My vote last time was for the Fox Brothers blue herringbone - I didn't quite understand why a S/S jacket was being MTO'd to arrive in Fall when there were better F/W choices but to each their own ... I'd consider the Fox one again.
Along that line, it sounds like Yellowhook will have a $600 vicuna tie in the works - which is basically the same price as the net total of those 5 ties.
It's too fashion forward short for my liking.
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