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An upside to me having minor sleep issues is that I can always stay on top of news and whatnot anywhere online. I wake up around 2 AM almost without fail and it'll take me a little while to fall back asleep.
I think one Patrick Booth may approve. For me, it's too monochromatic. I'm not saying I think dark gray ties look bad with dark jackets/suits. I'm simply saying I think other colors look better with them.
Dark grey is certainly less versatile than other colors.I don't think they're all that versatile. I like contrast in my outfits so I wouldn't be reaching for one to go with any sort of dark jacket. I'd want other colors first as Tweedy mentioned before going out and buying one of these which I'd consider pretty outfit specific.
I have to imagine their field jacket is the exact same NMWA was selling, even though Haberdasher decided to make their full retail price $150 higher, which ends up being more like $235 higher with the NMWA discount code.
Very true - I do keep the Rudy MTO option in mind but I have yet to see a fabric that's interesting enough or hard to find where it's worth the wait time and extra cost. It could happen for sure, though. For now, I do like 2 offerings by DC so I hope the reviews are favorable there. I also hope they do well for themselves and get the confidence to offer more inventory and options.
I'm four for four but likely will not tempt fate. I'm waiting for New Shoes to get/review his order from Dapper Classics and then I may switch over to them for online orders of Hertling pants.
I snagged from my local B&M. I will check all the tags at home tonight to see if there is any sort of fabric # or anything on there that could help you. I'll also snap a close up so you can see the shade of blue that they are - I'd definitely call them steel blue.
Ha, that's the other online seller I was trying to think of. Hertling makes their pants, too.I don't like Ep##### because of the W### cut they've chosen to use as their biggest seller. It's cut pretty trim and the leg opening is too small for my taste. I also have a size 12 shoe so a narrow leg opening looks insanely stupid. I'd argue it looks stupid no matter what, but that's whatever ...Edit: Went with the good ol' hashtags, too
I was able to find a steel blue trouser made by Hertling (I'm sure you know already but they make the pants for HY, Dapper Classics, and one other online seller I think). Way better than navy.
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