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Any chance the sizes were also mentioned or no?
Maybe I think of the immediate too much, then ... I use a bespoke guy to do my alterations and he zips through them and has anything I give him back to me in like 3-5 days and so for me I'd get this jacket and have it all ready to be worn and then watch it sit in my closet for like 4-5 months. Or I'd wear it on a vacation and then see above ... At any rate, my mind had been set on F/W from the get go so if this MTO wraps up and the next one ends up being F/W then I will...
That's what kept me out of this one. Didn't make any sense in terms of when it would be ready versus when it could be worn. At least not where I live, anyways. Some of the F/W options made so much more sense.
lol... well, keep in mind I tend to be a little hyperbolic because it's fun. But, I don't care for most of the cuts to be honest. I really dislike the Washington, and I think several other cuts have button stances that don't do the jackets any favors in my eyes. High button stances are not appealing to me very much.The Jort, or whatever it's called these days, does seem pretty nice but if I am going to spend $1,000 I will either spend a little higher and get something I...
I'm a 40R. I generally think SuitSupply is shit but I'd probably buy the La Spalla from Noodles just so he buys it and wears it for a while to branch out, ha.
Yeah. I always think the same thing, too.
Remember to tip your waitress!
They're cut to be a little baggy in the knees so you can fit a brace over them
I looked around online at all sorts of Espadrilles and didn't find too many that I cared for. This sale price on NMWA was the lowest I saw this particular one - closer to $100 seemed to be the discounted price elsewhere. No size 45 for me anywhere on the internet, though. Late to the party.
I think the unfunded liabilities thread is the closest to that, and it's not very close ... I like the idea a lot, though, and it probably would not be an overly cluttered thread as there aren't many ongoing projects at any point in time.
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