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I think he was addressing the guy who quote replied all the pictures just to ask when MTO starts, which was pretty annoying.
I prefer the hunting jacket worn more casually and not over tailored clothing
There's a place called The Closet on Newbury St. in Boston that has that snobby mindset as well. I remember asking them if they were taking new consignors and got a certain look and response with some attitude. Very behind on the times - they were willing to not take desirable stuff from someone in a common size (40R) in favor of stocking Kiton jackets from the 1990s in sizes like 52L and 44S To each their own ...
I'm more of a true 40R (18" shoulder, about 25.5" sleeve, 30.5" BOC) and I ordered a large NR Bumfreezer and it fits the way I wanted it to. I think a medium would have made layering too tight.
^ Got the same piece and love it
Green NR Bumfreezer was worth the wait - so nice.
I think F/W 16 has been your best collection to date. The scarf selection this year is especially great. Well done @gdl203 and @conceptual 4est.
And here it is, your moment of zen
I think it's the latter, which isn't bad considering they never had a proper sale before.
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