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Ha... same here. A game of Geller chicken.
Thank you! I may check into those Sargent loafers.
Very nice! What shoes, if you don't mind me asking? I think we're the same size in all makers.
Ended up pulling the trigger on MCH92/450 - Chocolate heavy Japanese wool blend twill knitted fabric Sorry for submitting my order really late, Greg and Kyle.
I'd order the jacket and assume you'll win back the cost. That seems like responsible gambling.
having a tough time narrowing down possible choices for the Eidos MTO: MCHA9/480 - Tessilnuova - forest green casentino wool MCH99/811 - Lanificio di Pray - Outerwear weight water repellent tonal gray herringbone windowpane looks like an interesting option MCH2N/950 - Lanificio di Pray - SC weight wool/silk tonal gray basketweave I'm all over the place ...
I think he was addressing the guy who quote replied all the pictures just to ask when MTO starts, which was pretty annoying.
I prefer the hunting jacket worn more casually and not over tailored clothing
There's a place called The Closet on Newbury St. in Boston that has that snobby mindset as well. I remember asking them if they were taking new consignors and got a certain look and response with some attitude. Very behind on the times - they were willing to not take desirable stuff from someone in a common size (40R) in favor of stocking Kiton jackets from the 1990s in sizes like 52L and 44S To each their own ...
New Posts  All Forums: