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Hey Greg and Kyle - have you heard anything recently on the Eidos FJ pre-orders from November that were originally scheduled for late January delivery?
My restraint was fading fast. Thank you. Being disciplined blows...
I can vouch for this coat as I own this same exact one - $400 is a steal. I believe it's made by Caruso. Good luck with your sale!
Any idea of you'll have any Liverano in a 40?I like the look of the Barbour a lot as well but I'm trying to be very selective right now with S/S 17 on the horizon
It really did take some restraint! I just kept reminding myself how much I want to start looking into getting some Rota pants instead.
Greg/Kyle will know better than I, but I can tell you I sized up in the NR Bumfreezer jacket and I am glad I did. I am the same sizes as you, as well.I feel like if I got a medium in the Bumfreezer it would have been too snug with layering and/or have to be worn unzipped only.Hopefully this helps you a little bit.
Yeah, I didn't go crazy on these sales because nothing jumped off the pages at me. I did enjoy scooping a number or Reigning Champ sweats on sale from END and some other stores - so comfortable. Aside from that, I decided my clothing budget would be better served doing stuff like No Man Walks Alone pre-orders where I'll really want the items as compared to just buying stuff now because it's half price.
Thanks guys! I was mostly looking for olive sweatpants but only seeing them at full retail which I don't mind paying. Pretty good selection overall that is on sale, though.
Do you guys know if Reigning Champ goes on sale much? I saw a small selection on Mr. Porter but not really seeing it on sale elsewhere for the most part.
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