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I like the look of that bag, too. I also like how Q and V look together in Swedish names. QV > QU
Ready in fall, I believe ... September-ish?Keep reminding myself the same thing.
Sorry guys, I am out (I know you've moved on from green but just wanted to make you aware). Have decided to just save my money instead for the time being.
Absolutely. I work around a couple people who are trying the "get it first, figure it out later" method. Probably doomed to fail. I think one or two are intelligent enough to pass the exam, but not intelligent enough to put it into practical application and have success.If that makes sense ...
In fairness, look what he's come up with ...ba dum bum
Not a big fan of the "northern lights" look whatsoever but it's a really nice jacket. I suppose white/cream pants would be okay but you'd look like a walking creamsicle, albeit a very expensive one.
Same here, word for word.
Thanks for posting my listing, Razl. No self-pimping so I appreciate it!
I agree - I don't see getting much money via selling
The tags were accidentally removed from this before a true fit test and so I am listing it here. Measurements are posted on the No Man Walks Alone site but are also here: Chest 114 cm Length 65 cm Shoulder 45.5 cm The jacket is stil on their site here but they sold out of size 50: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/outerwear/green-cotton-valstarino-bomber-jacket.html The jacket fits me pretty well in the chest and shoulders but I am a little over 6'1 and...
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