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Toronto is an awesome city. I prefer the historical look I get in Boston but I much prefer how Toronto is not only a lot more spread out than Boston but a lot easier to navigate. The population density between the two cities is a big difference, too.I stayed in Leslieville but saw most of the city while I was there. The Beaches is hands down where I'd want to live, but the prices of the places there are pretty insane. Seems like Leslieville was in the process of being...
To answer the clothing question, I always opt for brown shoes over black if I'm not wearing a suit. And even some suits will look nicer with brown shoes ... If you aren't going to wear them often, and Vass is the top of your price range, I wouldn't spend Vass money on black derbies. You can come down in price a little for a shoe that won't see a lot of wear without totally punting the quality of it.
Thanks for popping into the thread to reply to this and other things as well.I stated my opinion about how the layout looks without the presence of an ad blocker and I won't prattle on about that. Not my style.I do appreciate you being open about where some of the money goes.
I have the same Conrad Wu shantung tie Stitchy is wearing. It's a great tie to add a little variety to your rotation.
While Bill is correct, it's still just a forum that honestly doesn't cost much money per month to keep running. And as MonkeyFace said, there is decent revenue coming from all the AVs (and there are a lot now) alone. It's forced monetization which is why it looks so horrible. I really doubt many direct purchases will be made by clicking the ads so it's simply being designed to intentionally create tons of misclicks. That seems shitty to me. And it's not a knock on anyone...
Absolutely. At work I am confined to IE so that's the only time I see the new "design". Yuck.As for what CM said - yes, advertising drives revenue (I'd guess not much revenue in the case of these AE monstrosities but that's neither here nor there) but there's also a way to do it that doesn't turn off people and make them purposely not click anything.This is probably the second worst way of advertising - the first being pop up boxes the second you go to a site.
I like how we're all talking as if the site doesn't look like a total abomination aka a minor league baseball stadium's outfield walls. The irony being the site is typically centered around things of and in good taste ...
Gorgeous jacket. Not much more to be said.
I think I agree with this. Unless it's just the picture, the tie width is looking a little overwhelming here.
I agree - that's an extremely generous thing to offer.
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