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Nice jacket, though!
Regarding thinking the average person was significantly more well dressed than other places, Montreal comes to mind for me for places on this side of the Atlantic. Despite having some well dressed SF members (and former posters but now lurkers), Boston really needs to step up its game.
That doesn't sound like enough nutrients, but I am also far from an expert.Did you check into it to make sure it's healthy for you to do this?
Anyone in the NBA thread play DFS?
Not that heavy - I'm not a fabric expert but it's basically something nice for crisp fall days and not enough for cold winter.I tried taking pictures on my iPhone 5 but they don't do the suit any justice. If a couple of you are week away from seeing it in person I think you'd be better off waiting since you will not be disappointed.It's a very rich brown with some copper undertones - much darker than the website makes it look. Delfino fabric and flap pockets (at least on...
It's definitely a 3-roll-2. Yoox and Bloomingdales and other places stupidly do this in the website shots - no clue why.I ordered one from the Manhattan store and it's actually sitting in a garment back in my closet after having arrived this morning. I only looked at it quickly but am 99% sure mine has flap pockets and not patch.I'll see if I can take a decent photo tonight but it will be via an iPhone 5 so the quality of the photo will still stink ...
It does help that Boston is very much a walking city. I do less in winter, obviously, but still try my best to get in some walking so I don't get too lethargic in the cold months.I've tried treadmills but even with music or something to watch, I get bored on them. I'd much rather be outside walking.
Yeah - it takes a little bit of work here and there but it's worth it. I don't go to the gym. I used to when I was younger. Now I just eat mostly well and walk like 3-6 miles per day.
I'm 175 @ 35.I was also 175 @ 21I think my weight has been in the same 6 pound range for the past 18 years or so.
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