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At this point I can't tell the difference between honest criticism of Noodles fit pics and trolling just to mess with his head. Half kidding.
They are beautiful, and I have purchased some G&G and Carmina in the past from you. I'm heavily debating this one.
I like it a lot more as a jacket than the full suit. Probably in the minority there, though. Good stuff.
Congrats - you made Vox's quotes of the day.Hi, Vox.
Nice jacket, though!
Regarding thinking the average person was significantly more well dressed than other places, Montreal comes to mind for me for places on this side of the Atlantic. Despite having some well dressed SF members (and former posters but now lurkers), Boston really needs to step up its game.
That doesn't sound like enough nutrients, but I am also far from an expert.Did you check into it to make sure it's healthy for you to do this?
Anyone in the NBA thread play DFS?
Not that heavy - I'm not a fabric expert but it's basically something nice for crisp fall days and not enough for cold winter.I tried taking pictures on my iPhone 5 but they don't do the suit any justice. If a couple of you are week away from seeing it in person I think you'd be better off waiting since you will not be disappointed.It's a very rich brown with some copper undertones - much darker than the website makes it look. Delfino fabric and flap pockets (at least on...
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