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Is that for yourself or a client? Either way, it's very nice. I'd never really considered purple before but these deeper shades of it are making up so nicely.
Same votes for me, and I think #11 will make up nicely.
I'm not sure that the pink suit, and photo, can ever be topped or should ever try to be. I'm looking forward to seeing this one, though.
That's some great value on the Kent Wang suits and they almost never get listed for sale anywhere.
They're pents - like Trump's running mate.
I saw that one as well but lately I've been favoring patch pockets on all my odd jackets. I really like the color of it, though.
Wow, that's so nice.
Snagged a couple pair of Castaner espadrilles - ecru and camel.
You're a good man, Spoo.
Those shoes look like they're grinning - pretty cool
New Posts  All Forums: