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I'm saving up to move out of the US so count me in for this.
I'll give you $15 for them. Then we can talk royalties as I purchase items.
As someone who owns 3 YHNT tweeds and 2 YHNT cashmeres (plus some silk linens) ... If any of you guys have been monitoring this thread and are on the fence about purchasing one, let me nudge you to the side for those of us who have bought them and love them. I have my eye on the furthest to the right - it will cover something that's been on my wish list since last winter.
In the past, I believe it's been around 10 AM EST when he runs the weekend premier sales.
I'm not sure how many years you've been here, but wait until you go through a winter where it really snows. Last year was abnormally freezing all over this region but we got pretty lucky in terms of snowfall.
I think we both said the same exact thing in different words which left me confused.
I like your style. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you've done this before.
I'd say I've been to about 300 Red Sox games between 2003 and the end of this season and I think that is a very accurate statement and those have been my sentiments as well. The occasional drunk college student or whatever may make you think this isn't the case, but it just isn't true ...The late 90's into the early to mid 2000's were the peak of it all - and as an aside, nothing in baseball for me will ever top seeing Pedro pitch in his prime. What he did in '99 and '00...
Agreed - Philly is really rough, and SF/LA hate each other. Last year there was a stabbing because of that rivalry.
That hasn't been true for a at least a few years, and both teams were pretty shitty this year anyways so it's a total non-issue.The early to mid 2000's were the height of the Yankees Suck mentality and chant. It's been dead for a while. Once the Red Sox won a couple World Series the whine and cheese crowd attended more games and even more corporations bought up season tickets.
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