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I'd say I've been to about 300 Red Sox games between 2003 and the end of this season and I think that is a very accurate statement and those have been my sentiments as well. The occasional drunk college student or whatever may make you think this isn't the case, but it just isn't true ...The late 90's into the early to mid 2000's were the peak of it all - and as an aside, nothing in baseball for me will ever top seeing Pedro pitch in his prime. What he did in '99 and '00...
Agreed - Philly is really rough, and SF/LA hate each other. Last year there was a stabbing because of that rivalry.
That hasn't been true for a at least a few years, and both teams were pretty shitty this year anyways so it's a total non-issue.The early to mid 2000's were the height of the Yankees Suck mentality and chant. It's been dead for a while. Once the Red Sox won a couple World Series the whine and cheese crowd attended more games and even more corporations bought up season tickets.
Dang. No pre-owned Chans for me. Sick fabrics and a good deal for whoever can fit into em. I also really like a few of the ties, though.
About what size are all the WW Chan suits, Spoo?
He didn't have his V8.I tried to find a picture to back up the reference but I guess it's that dated ...
I hadn't browsed this thread in a few weeks and regret not seeing some great stuff sooner.
This guy is currently inbound from Finland: http://www.styleforum.net/t/416904/riviera-napoli-fully-canvassed-40r-3r2-odd-jacket-loro-piana-cloth
I'll be keeping an eye out for Carminas, too - I'm UK11 or 11.5 depending on last.
Others can probably give a better answer but - I work in finance and would never wear it to a client facing meeting. Seems too bold of a choice.I'd consider wearing it for a normal day at the office although I'd still expect to get some looks since I barely see anything but non-solids here.
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