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True, although still baffling that the Cremiux closed for $400+ and the Formosa wasn't even 2x that hammer price considering what a large audience it reached. Yeah, I dunno ... no words
Closed way lower than I expected, wow.
Formosa should close over 1k, though.
Belgian beer is and always will be my favorite.
I like Ommegang a lot, too. My girlfriend and I went to Portland, Maine last spring and aside from having an amazing time together we noticed that there are microbrews all over that city. Boston, specifically Cambridge, has a very good beer selection because there is a big hipster community there. I may roll my eyes at hipsters, but a lot of them seem to know their beers really well.
The peacoat in this thread is stunning. I've also seen it in person at Barney's in Boston, I think. http://www.styleforum.net/t/469915/brunello-cucinelli-cashmere-sweaters-pants-and-peacoat
Size 50 Eidos field jacket is getting sent back to NMWA HQ either Saturday or Monday, as an FYI to any interested parties who may have missed out.
Shouldn't it be qui est-ce Jessica? She's human after all, dammit!
Got it, thank you. I agree with you. I very seldom see someone wearing them.
Do you mean rare in terms of how often you see someone wearing them, or rare in terms of who makes them? If it's the latter I may disagree since even Allen Edmonds and Jos. A Banks carry a wholecut shoe in their line up - it's not like you need to pay a premium and go straight to St. Crispins or G&G to be able to own a pair.
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