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Ugh. Super short BOC for a 40 on that Eidos. Way too short.
Agreed - 30.5 is optimal for me. More and more I am seeing 29 and 30" BOC measurements on 40R jackets. Me no like.
Portland has tons of microbrews and I just tried an IPA recently called Gritty McDuff which I liked a lot. Some IPAs have way too much hops for me and it's overpowering. Then again, I usually prefer the Belgian beers. Duvel is my favorite of those. Another domestic I enjoy is Allagash Black - Portland once again.
Thanks very much for the Castangia info, gents. That's good to know because later in the year I will be able to knock the dust off the wallet and add a couple items to my wardrobe.
Not to hijack the thread but just curious what is weird about the fit of Castangia jackets and coats. I don't own any, but really like the look and usually take a size 40 in nearly all makers of jackets unless they are the slimmest of Italian makers.
lol...He's trying to do the Friday all blues challenge which is the source of the question.But still - denim or navy chinos are a no go. For this challenge, using a suit is optimal, or at least using some steel blue or light blue pants for contrast. I would simply skip the challenge if I had to use navy chinos or denim.
Has this one been mentioned yet? http://www.styleforum.net/t/412976/nwt-eidos-green-check-coat-40r I really love the colors on it - they work so well together.
She isn't cheap, but she's gorgeous (and she's cheap considering it's a staple in a common size for a high priced retail item) http://www.styleforum.net/t/374513/drop-nwt-castangia-classic-db-overcoat-40 I know it's been posted here but it really needs repeating. I recently bought a new car and took a couple mini-vacations and so I need to remain far more disciplined than I'd care to for at least a few months. This coat is just stunning.
Re: Boston Room: I'd recommend looking on AirBnb over the big box hotel chains. If you can pay about $250-325/night you can get a very nice place in a very nice location. I'd recommend the Back Bay area and would recommend putting the Uber and Hailo apps on your phone if you want to zip around the city easily. The public transportation isn't too bad but depending on where you want to visit you may need to use multiple trains which can get annoying. Sights: If you want to...
I'm enjoying the Owl John album, too.
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