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A long ways to go before we declare that. Very long.
Another part of the issue is a lot of people not knowing what instructions to give to their local cleaner. There's a really nice one in Boston that hand washes and hand irons. It's definitely out of the way for me but I'd never take any of my jackets or shirts anywhere else at this point. So I either do them myself or make the pain in the ass trip over there.
What I mean when I call the exercise industry a glorified scam is that a consumer can spend a lot on a packaged DVD set that contains a workout routine they can find on the internet for free. I'm not debating if the workout will yield results or not.It's the same way WeightWatchers is a glorified scam.
Anden, too. His is my favorite so far.
P90X is okay. Its best feature is keeping an undisciplined person, disciplined. That whole industry is a glorified scam, though. Maybe not even a glorified one ...
I think the short-term bond market is open but has a 12 PM close.
My vote goes for smug Patrick Bateman, for what it's worth.
New avatar really threw me off.
Yeah LBM's and Boglioli jackets are tough for anyone over 6 feet. I don't want to look like I am wearing Thom Browne. That said, all of these should easily sell. Good prices and good products.
His left shoulder is slightly more forward than his right - not at natural rest. None of these types of fit pics can ever really tell you sleeves are slightly uneven or other similar minor fit issues. That said, I also dislike the tie. Ha.
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