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Beautiful Canali Kei for the warm weather: http://www.styleforum.net/t/433441/ic-grail-canali-kei-navy-blazer-unlined-full-canvas-50r-40us-exc-cond
This would be a great buy for anyone who fits these measurements. Unfortunately I need a 30 or 30.5 BOC.
Student loan debt is almost assuredly the next bubble to pop. We'll see some private colleges who put all their eggs in one basket go out of business if and when this all goes down. I'm happy to say I have exactly $100 in credit card debt and my only other debt is a car payment that's very manageable. Took a bit to get there but I did and have no intentions of going backwards. I buy all my clothes in cash so if i can't do that, I don't buy it. Re: Running purchases by...
I'm only in for Portfino brown with blue and cream checks. I have way more than enough solids.
Spoo and I are mostly the same size. Pretty sure I'll be bidding. Not sure if I'll have that same level of swag but I'll try.
Obviously each tailor will have a different reply but I asked my bespoke guy this question not long ago.His fabric: Appx $1600-2000 all in for a jacket depending on what fabricMy fabric: Appx $1200-1300
Sorry, let me rephrase ... that part I knew. What I am trying to ask is when the shine would set in (approximation of course) for the various types of fabrics, using a once per week wearing as the measuring stick since that's pretty easy to work with. e.g. you'd get a good year from fabric A but more like only 8 months for fabric B, etc. etc.
How are you defining durability? I guess what I am asking is ... Let's say a person wears each type of fabric once per week to a normal desk job and we assume that this person does all the correct things to take care of their garments - are you able to quantify just how fast some break down versus others?
Those B&Tailor pictures are all amazing.
That's a pretty cool looking overcoat - any sort of details you have about it?
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