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Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Me and the other person aren't great at all. wanted to do like a m-thursday type of deal. ski and party. spending as little as possible for a nice mountain. OP- oops, my bad. But for anyone looking for an epic mountain, Baldface is it.
It's not cheap, but Baldface in interior British Columbia is easily the best skiing I've experienced. Their "sweet deep" is the stuff of dreams...
Forget for a minute the magnitude of the number, does Groupon's rationale make sense? 2B topline with 50% pass-through (after paying out the retailers), effectively leaving 1B in revenue. Next assumption is that they really do have a 50% profit margin. Is this realistic? Sustainable? By all accounts their overhead is tiny. If so... 500M earning at 12x = 6B. Now consider the massive press they're getting, a great growth story and a business model which seems to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe max richter - infra Just listened - it's tremendous.
I know Groupon's the scourge of the internet at the moment, but I'm curious what you all think. On the surface it looks like one of the most colossally stupid decisions of all time. But if they really are (or are soon about to be) making 2B top line with a 50% profit margin... why isn't the company worth 6B+? One of the most obvious criticisms is that there's no barriers to entry. I get it, but a website offering videos could have been easily replicated and YouTube's...
ur mom. brother?
Board of Canada - ROYGBIV great video too:
The Wire!
Bump - still looking
Coming back to the US for a week near Thanksgiving and looking to stock up on some pants suitable for SE Asia (e.g. summer weight wool, linen, etc.). PM me if you have some left over inventory you're looking to move. Thanks, Robert
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