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Currently 20% off all new season if that's the kinda thing you're into.
Bump. What do you guys think of this?
That is hilarious. I've got a Shipley & Halmos suit that's the same way. Just too cut for the cut. I agree to some extent BUT two things1) There's a certain allure, a certain sprezzatura if you will, to wearing a brand literally no one has heard of. I own some stuff where that item was the last item by that brand on the entire site meaning it was the last one you could buy online anywhere. And for a defunct label, who knows it might be their last item to sell ever. I like...
Their suits appeared to be very slim fitting so I ordered a dress shirt that has elastane in it thinking it'd be very trim, but the fit was fairly loose. I was kind of hoping it would be another Daniele Alessandrini but was disappointed. Looking at the rest of their line though I'm going to guess not all their stuff is like that - just my experience with the button-downs.
Were a lot of your items from the Sample Sale section? What I've noticed Yoox does is they start an item at whatever their price is going to be, usually some number drawn out of thin air, then discount it more and more and more until finally it goes to the sample sale, where it sits for a good while and I think what eventually happens is that it disappears completely and comes back a few months later as "new item" at the original price. And that's how you see dead stock...
I don't like not having that flexibility. I'd like to able to shift from 3 piece suit to just pants and vest to just pants and shirt to just pants and shirtless as the day progresses.HOWEVER I love novelty and this definitely has that. I'd love to see a fit pic of it in action.
Gave it a read, thanks. Makes more sense as to why their clothes end up at such prices. A company can't just come in and replicate their product, even at a high price point.
Totally agree, now I can get that taffeta jacket I've been dying for. The only items that seem to be excluded are items in the Sample SaleEDIT: above only partially true.. 3 of the items I want aren't discounted - they happen to be in jewelry and not in sample sale
What are you going to do if you want to take off the vest
I was looking into getting a couple of shirts and all the shirt-makers considered top-tier make their shirts out of 100% cotton. That's great. I get why: they don't want to downgrade the quality of your shirt by reducing it's durability. However I like the way shirts with some stretch move. They're a little more agile. They fit better and I don't care that they don't last as long. However, I would like to get the best quality I can. So while I'd love to have a shirt by...
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