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The venue actually had a rack of smoking jackets already there for customer use haha. The genius of this move was lost on me at the time.
Surely you're joking Mr. Andy. I've been in several smokey environments with no issues: Let it hang in the breeze for a day and all is good. But just recently I went to an actual cigar lounge: sitting in heavy cigar smoke for hours. The cigar smoke has very effectively permeated the jacket to the point where simply letting it hang outside for a couple days does nothing. So you can imagine my surprise when I search my favorite forum on how to get smoke out of clothes and... "While silk-lined jackets are considered a luxury item, the more common acetate is actually the superior fabric due to its high wrinkle resistance, low static cling, and superior wicking and moisture absorption. [...] lacks the durability needed for an exterior fabric."
Perhaps this is the reason for the viscose, to give it better drape?
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I recently decided that I wanted to get a suit in black. To keep from looking like the help however I figured I'd get it in linen or something. But then I was browsing around and found this suit that's unlined (another big thing I was looking for, love the look of an unlined suit) but it's made of 50% acetate/50% viscose.. I'd never seen this before, definitely never had the luxury of experiencing it in person. How should I expect a fabric like this to perform? What is...
Dude was a baller. But I get it, I'll find another.
Yeah I've been trying to figure this out. Not only am I suspicious of some brands (Brian Dales says "fits small" and while I've only ever tried a dress shirt, it was a tent), but they'll even change it around. So Danielle Alessandrini jackets used to "fit small", now the label's been removed from the same item. No effing clue. Do you think they're going off the pit-to-pit measurement?
What if I find anWhat if I find an Armani black label suit online for $200?
If I find a suit I like but it's a 40L instead of a 40R, can I simply take it to a tailor and have the jacket shortened thus turning it from a "Long" to a "Regular" jacket? Also same question but from a 40R to a 40S?
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