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Saw your post yesterday and was going to post this, would love to hear what people think of the condos from a conceptual standpoint.I guess it's for the person who feels as though, "I don't want to have to think about this, just do everything for me Versace, thanks."Since this article came out a few weeks ago though I've had time to think about it also and I wondered, "Why am I fine with Armani Casa but the Versace condos seem obnoxious?" and I realized it's just the...
I almost made a similar comment when you first posted. My gut reaction as soon as I saw it was, "No one is going to make a knock-off of that outlandish pattern." So before even seeing the tags, I'd guess it's not fake. Legit button-downs barely fetch a price on ebay as is... I think you're fine.
What's the alternative to mitered corners? Why are mitered corners best?
What Mike *wants* to say is "Does Moncler really make tees?" but he realizes he can't quite call someone out after he just admitted a few posts earlier to falling prey to something similar. Now that everyone's on the same page... that gold knife is awesome. Is that like a brass letter-opener? Where can I get one of those swanky things?
Fantastic info. Thank you.
^ Yeah I'm a drop 8, hence my affection towards this brand. Other brands I've been looking at but haven't purchased are Prada/Jil Sander and Gucci for the slim cuts. Are Jil Sander and Prada synonymous or are the JS suits a tier above? Which other brands on this list have similar cuts? Since it would be nice to have it all: high quality, fully canvassed AND super trim silhouettes.
Emporio Armani is absent from this list. Based on its price-points ($1400-$2200 - a bit higher than Collezioni) posted by dreamspace, these suits should fit in the Satisfactory[**] category. Is that accurate or are they that overpriced? I've got two suits from them that are nice, they draw compliments likely because of the cuts, but I'm going to be honest I don't own anything from the top categories to compare, or even know which year mine were from to say whether they...
^ Ah yes, thank you for the clarification. Edited my original post. I do have a more serious inquiry about this brand as a whole: I have a pair of Versace mainline pants that I happen to like that is by no means garish, but after perusing the site, including the shoes, belts, clothes, etc it seems unlikely that I will ever own another. Here's the belt section: http://us.versace.com/men/belts/241100,en_US,sc.html I was kind of shocked when I noticed they don't have a...
Well as I mentioned the towel's got a very nice design on it, and it's likely not going to be expensive since it's an ebay auction. That being said, I'll take a pass regardless given the markings, thank you.
Spoo listed this on the bay last week. I like this towel, it's pretty. It has a design unlike many beach towels I've seen but isn't so loud as to hurt my eyes. I'm guessing that that yellowing is from grass stains and the reason it's still there in the auction is because it won't come out. Am I wrong? Is there some method of cleaning that could make it whole again?
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