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Hahaa. Hilarious. In addition to it being an super loud/odd design, it's the Versus line which would shock me if someone made knock-offs it: why not just make the label say "Versace" and not some middle-of-the-road diffusion line.
^ Regarding these sneakers, from what you've posted they look legit but it would be nice to have the addition of pics of the interior. The box is real for what that's worth heh (their shoe boxes are small, black with a pull-out tray rather than having a lid). If you post a pic of the label on the side of the box and the interior tags (logo, serial #, origin of manufacture) you could get a more solid answer. The sneakers are often made abroad (unlike the dress shoes) so...
Bump - Updated with photos of the different labels.
Scratch what I said about it being authentic then. Not so much worried about that as I am curious about the dif between the tags. Edited my first post.
Bump. Same Q. What's the difference between these tags? Black on white Gold on white Red on white Red on black Silver "Sport"
Currently 20% off all new season if that's the kinda thing you're into.
Bump. What do you guys think of this?
That is hilarious. I've got a Shipley & Halmos suit that's the same way. Just too cut for the cut. I agree to some extent BUT two things1) There's a certain allure, a certain sprezzatura if you will, to wearing a brand literally no one has heard of. I own some stuff where that item was the last item by that brand on the entire site meaning it was the last one you could buy online anywhere. And for a defunct label, who knows it might be their last item to sell ever. I like...
Their suits appeared to be very slim fitting so I ordered a dress shirt that has elastane in it thinking it'd be very trim, but the fit was fairly loose. I was kind of hoping it would be another Daniele Alessandrini but was disappointed. Looking at the rest of their line though I'm going to guess not all their stuff is like that - just my experience with the button-downs.
New Posts  All Forums: