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Just to clarify, I tried adding an item from Clearance to my cart with no change in price.
1) There's a site that has of brands with just images of their tags on it, maybe someone can paste the link.2) Just know a little something about the brands. The Versace t-shirt was a perfect example: you don't have to have any sort of eye for detail - just know that "Versace Collection" is a different brand of clothing than "Versace" so once you see the tag for one and the logo of the other you can just stop there. Or know what the Collection logo looks like (never using...
15% off everything, no code, doesn't apply to clearance
Well at least one piece of feedback (out of 270) says:Buyer beware, 200 hundred dollars for fake shoes. Not authentic . My fault.Regarding this item: VERSACE Platform Camoscio Sandal Dark Green Size 40 (#221716589295)Also worth noting that all his stuff is Versace. And that the tag on those jeans is for a Versace mainline item, not collection.Honestly, I just think this seller is weird. The jeans posted look legit aside from that misappropriated tag which clearly doesn't...
Oops :P
I presume I need to clear my cookies to get this to work, yeah?
Hahaa. Hilarious. In addition to it being an super loud/odd design, it's the Versus line which would shock me if someone made knock-offs it: why not just make the label say "Versace" and not some middle-of-the-road diffusion line.
^ Regarding these sneakers, from what you've posted they look legit but it would be nice to have the addition of pics of the interior. The box is real for what that's worth heh (their shoe boxes are small, black with a pull-out tray rather than having a lid). If you post a pic of the label on the side of the box and the interior tags (logo, serial #, origin of manufacture) you could get a more solid answer. The sneakers are often made abroad (unlike the dress shoes) so...
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