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Hi guys - any experience with H&S Techlana? How does it hang and perform? Is it a good summer cloth?
No experience with Frontier. But Dugdale NFW tailors well and holds the crease in the trousers etc. It is a good summer cloth.
Mannina. You can google its address.
I think a dark barleycorn or donegal in 300-400 grams will be great.
I am
My five items 1. Really like Inglese shirts. I have 4 of them now. I have thus far stayed away from this butcher stripes which is what I would want to get next. 2. This sage Camoshita shirt. Have hesitated a little on this as I think green is not really a good colour on my skin tone. But it looks so good in the photo. 3. The beige Buttero sneakers. I have so many pairs of shoes which is the reason why I haven't bought these yet. I keep getting drawn back to...
C&A - when should I expect to receive the two ties I ordered?
Same with my MTO. No sign of when it will be ready.
Quick bid and grab these Carminas. They are mine. Rarely worn, well taken care of and in excellent condition. All in all, a great buy
Greg - the humpreys are already in place?
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