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Congrats, Charlie!
W Bill has some linen in herringbones.
It does? I didn't know, and didn't use it. The order is on the way to me. Edit: Shaya read this post, and immediately refunded me an amt. equivalent to 10% discount. This is really top-notch customer service!
Stitch, where are the Borrelli shirts from?
What is the size of these arans?
Ya, I like a Victory ps.
There was a similar discount code last summer.
You will receive another email when your order is shipped. There was a slight delay due to the overwhelming number of order arising from the sale at the beginning of the year. I received mine after about 2 weeks (am located in Asia though). Very happy with my purchase.
A lot of tailors in Singapore, including Iris, will be closed during this period, leaving you unfortunately with those catering to tourist trade.
Take care and speedy recovery.
New Posts  All Forums: