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Ya, I like a Victory ps.
There was a similar discount code last summer.
You will receive another email when your order is shipped. There was a slight delay due to the overwhelming number of order arising from the sale at the beginning of the year. I received mine after about 2 weeks (am located in Asia though). Very happy with my purchase.
A lot of tailors in Singapore, including Iris, will be closed during this period, leaving you unfortunately with those catering to tourist trade.
Take care and speedy recovery.
No, I think it is DHL if I remember it right.
Nope. But shoe trees are also 20% off and less VAT.
I see. Fair enough.
I thought even prices on the older books have gone up. Take English Classics, I remember it being about £20 per mts ex VAT. Now it is closer to £30 ex VAT,
Is it my imagination? Or has Dugdale's prices on its website gone up by 20-30%.
New Posts  All Forums: