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What did you buy from the factory shop?
Spoo - what size is the Materna?
Hi Greg, not sure if this has been posted here. What are the measurements for Eidos field jacket in size 46 vs 48? Are they meant to be worn as a coat outside a suit?
Nice video. Have signed up for newsletter a week back.
Could someone remind me what is Oct SF discount code? Thanks
I have this in dark oak
Hi guys - any experience with H&S Techlana? How does it hang and perform? Is it a good summer cloth?
No experience with Frontier. But Dugdale NFW tailors well and holds the crease in the trousers etc. It is a good summer cloth.
Mannina. You can google its address.
I think a dark barleycorn or donegal in 300-400 grams will be great.
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