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I bought that same suit at Saks Off Fifth a nice suit; but I returned it. It was of their own label with exact labels shown in the pictures in link. As I said the suit was nice, it is just at the price paid, the wool wasn't going to be very durable in my opinion. I do have a navy suit by them. I wouldn't pay more than $300 on suit though.
My most major purchase off Ebay was a Hickey Freeman Madison suit. I did right a post about it. Suit was NWT, and the seller gave me a scare when no info on shipment for over a week, and I read some rather poor feedback about him. Well, I did receive the suit. It did have a couple of flaws, which my tailor corrected. He more that compensated me for the trouble. Nice suit, by the way! Just use for reading up on feedback.
I have a Kuppenheimer suit that is about 20 years old. It still fits and looks great. Enjoy your Topcoat!
Sandals are perfect here in the Hot South. I used to go barefoot as a child, and sandals are the next best thing.
I went to my local Nordstrom Rack just yesterday and saw some new Emenegildo Zenga suits. If they had my size, I would be tempted to purchase one. The retail price was around $3000 and the sale price was over $800. A little rich for my blood but; a very nice suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mic How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on making the knot?!?!? When you watch the video, make sure you are using two hands and not one in making knot!
The suit fits you well but the sleeves look a little short to me.
Looks like water damage to me. At least they are beaters!
I have two pairs of cowboy boots. No pictures yet. I have a pair of Lucchese and a pair of Ostrich Black Star which I get a lot of compliments on. Maybe I'll drag them out for pictures soon.
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