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I'd say that what you wear depends on the gym and what others are wearing. Some gyms are more "fancy" and people are concerned about what they wear while other gyms are more laid back. Then there are hardcore gyms in some basement somewhere where guys the size of small buildings deadlift two tonnes and eat small cows for breakfast. If you want to "fit in" you need to scope out the gym and adapt your clothes accordingly. Regarding gloves; I use gloves all the time when...
For me, the number one reason to avoid black suits is that it seems to be the uniform of recently (like today) graduated high school students. That's why I avoid wearing black suits during spring and summer (also because it never really gets dark around here during summer). On the other hand, during the winter months, we have almost eternal twilight/darkness so black is more acceptable.
I suppose bespoke usually also means better materials and workmanship, + the option of getting little personal details added and the exact fabrics you want. OTR and MTM is probably a better comparison.
I would love to own a tux but I am really struggling trying to come up with occasions to wear one. A wedding is the only thing I can think of but I believe you should only wear a tux after 5 o'clock and weddings here normally start way earlier. I have never attended a fundraiser and there isn't any operas or anything like that to attend either. New Year's Eve parties *maybe* but usually people don't even wear a suit so a tux may be overkill.
Layering obviously helps. The problem is that you will be both inside AND outside so it's a balancing act between layering thin and being too cold and layering too much and sweating once you get inside, as buildings are well insulated and heated. I should definitely get a suit in heavier fabric though.
I recently attended a funeral. It was -25 degrees Celsius (that's -13 Fahrenheit), windy and snowing. The ceremony in the church was fine but standing outside during the actual burial was not very pleasant. Afterward I could hardly feel my fingers/toes. I found myself thinking that I definitely need a flannel suit as one of those would be warmer but I can't help but wonder; would it really be all that much warmer? Could it withstand the onslaught of Finnish winter?...
Being Finnish, I feel I must comment on this. There is a particularly prevalent stereotype in regards to Finnish style; the matching wind breakers. Typically, middle aged couples (often overweight) wearing matching wind breakers or sweat pant-shirt-combos.
I wouldn't say it's wrong per se but I can't help but wonder if it would look a bit too contrived, like you really want to wear a tux but for some reason aren't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Major considerations: do you piss off men? Do you ingratiate women? If you can achieve both with the way you dress then you have the world between your legs. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing Most of the time I get compliments when I dress more stylish (suits or just blazers, ties etc) but there have definitely been times I've been asked if I don't feel out of place somehow. My...
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism ... It is not pretentious at all to buck a bad trend. It's honorable, imo. ... But who is really to say what is a "bad" trend and what isn't? At the end of the day it's all personal preference anyway. Is it not pretentious in a way to say that I am right for wearing a suit and you are wrong for wearing a trucker cap or something?
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