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I was under the impression that a dinner jacket should always be buttoned (when standing) as it creates a dramatic white triangle, contrasting with the surrounding black, emphasizing the wearers face and giving the youthful, strong appearance of broad shoulders and narrow waist. Wearing it unbuttoned loses the dramatic flair the garment is capable of. That's why I wear it buttoned.
I kind of think a fedora looks cool, especially with a trench coat. If you wear fitted, flat front trousers and a trench coat that isn't too baggy I think it'll look "young" enough for it to be cool and not look too retro and "old guy". I'm also thinking that perhaps it'll start being acceptable again since hat wearing has been gone for so long. My father never wore a hat (my grandfather did though) so maybe the current generation is more likely to adopt it as something...
If you really don't like it - give it to charity or sell it for a six pack of beer or take it to a vintage store. Burning it is just wasteful.
I recently acquired a classic tuxedo of my own (I’m 32 btw), just because I think it’s extremely stylish and I wanted one. I wore it on New Year’s Eve when out to dinner, moving on to one of the better clubs in town. I was the only guy there wearing a dinner suit. Was I overdressed? You betcha! But I felt like a million bucks and man oh man did the ladies look. The thing is, following the rules these days is actually breaking the rules. If you don’t wear a suit daily you...
Granted I am pretty much a noob, but it looks to me like there is just too much room in all those suits. Second one is the best but the fit is just not there for me. Not a fan o the lapel width either but that's a question of personal preference.
I would like to add another suit to my wardrobe. What I'd really like is a something in navy with a pinstripe. I am not too fond of solid navy unless the fabric has some structure or something to keep it more interesting. I didn't find a navy but I did come accross a mid grey suit with blue pinstripes. I liked the suit but I am kind of hesitant about the blue pinstripes. Seems to me that such a suit would be harder to match with shirts and ties, thus limiting its use....
I think it depends a lot on your age and what position you are applying for. If you are 18, applying for your first job at the dog food factory, then you'll probably be fine wearing nice, clean, slacks, shirt and a blazer. If you are 27 and applying for a job as an investment banker you probably need to wear a suit. I would, however, say that if in doubt - wear the suit. It shows that you have made an effort. I don't think anyone will think less of you for wearing a...
"Informal winter white" is one of those made up dress codes that doesn't really mean anything other than "wear what you want as long as you don't look like a bum and something is white"
If I wanted to stand out at a wedding I'd wear a tuxedo. If the wedding was in Dubai I would wear a white tuxedo jacket. Noone around here wears a tux so I am quite sure I'd be the only one. However, as previous posters mentioned, a wedding is probably not the place to stand out too much.
When I wear jeans to work or out to a casual dinner or something I prefer dark jeans. On a hot summer day, with a white, light cotton or linen shirt, light colored jeans look great.
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