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I really don't see a problem with wearing a suit just when going out to dinner or for drinks. Heck, I've even worn a suit when just going out for a coffee or something. Nobody will know you are not on your way to/coming from somewhere more important
I think it's all about context and occasion. A suit with no tie is significantly more casual but still pretty dressed up and there are occasions that call for that IMHO. And if you wear a pocket square it looks like you HAVE paid attention and less like you don't own a tie to begin with or just forgot it altogether. It's not a favorite look of mine but I do "get it". Then of course there are summer suits in linen which I feel don't call for a tie as much, if at all.
I wasn't saying it is. What I WAS saying is that I interpret what he is looking for as more of a fashion forward type of style.Still, one could very well argue that grunge is way more fashion forward than anything in the Men's Clothing forum
The thing is, grunge really has no place in traditional men's clothing. Seems to me what you're looking for is a more fashion forward, kind of "sophisticated rock star" kind of look; not really traditional, dressed up but not really baggy jeans and t-shirt either. If it were me, I'd probably start with a couple of blazers/sports jackets in grey and navy blue. that's your "grown up" base. Make sure everything you wear fits! If you have an athletic build you will probably...
I agree with the above posters; there is no actual need for the dinner suits to match perfectly. However, I can certainly see why a groom would want to stand out just a bit, which could be done by wearing a waistcoat instead of cummerbund, a high detachable collar instead of turndown collar or a peak lapel instead of shawl. That being said, odds are most people won't even notice these details, just that "they all wore tuxedos".
Of course the downside is that once you get hooked on the crack that is tailoring, there is no going back to "it'll do" Seriously though, I believe this is what separates the men from the boys; proper fit.
I'd probably go with one navy blue or dark grey suit, notch lapel, double vent, two buttons. As it is in the evening I'd go for black shoes and belt. That's my "base". I can then change it up by alternating between two shirts and ties. One of the shirts should probably be white. It's hard for me to really recommend other colors as I don't know how formal these type of events are. I'd probably stay with subdued patterns for ties and conservative colors for shirts though.
Brown shoes with black tie would just look ...odd. And to such a degree that people not normally interested in clothes would think so.
Here's the thing though; in today's society, simply putting on a blazer and pants that aren't jeans is considered "formal wear"/"too dressed up" by many. If we go by today's standards there is no good reason to ever don a dinner suit and unless your job requires it you can get by just fine with a single black suit worn at weddings and funerals. "Dressing for the occasion" today doesn't hold the same meaning as it once did and more often than not only translates to "wear...
This.In my humble opinion, men's clothing is more about subtle details than about the overt extravagance that can be found in women's clothing.Just having a suit tailored to fit you perfectly elevates the outfit significantly. People may not actively notice it, they just know you look good, better than most men who just buy a suit off the rack, slap on any tie and call it a day.A lot of people are so concerned with "showing their individuality" and ignoring the traditional...
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