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For me, it depends on what I am doing and what the weather will be like. About a week ago I was in Italy for the F1 race in Monza. It was 29 degrees Celsius with no wind at all. In that venue, in those kind of temperatures the main focus is on comfort and not burning up, not so much what is "correct" or what other people are wearing.
"...Where do you live that there is slush throughout the fall and winter?..." Wouldn't be unlikely up here in the Nordic countries. Snowfall could be expected already in early October and as late as early May. So anywhere in between there is a chance of slush periodically covering the streets.
I always think it's a lot better to be overdressed than underdressed. If you are wearing a suit and notice no one else is - just remove the tie and you're instantly dressed a lot less formal. If that still isn't enough - remove the jacket. Still not enough - roll up the sleeves, take off your shoes and walk around barefoot. However, if you arrive at a function and realize you are way underdressed there is very little you can do.
For me, there are two things that make or break this look; the collar (as already mentioned) and a pocket square. A tie adds a bit of interest and depth to the suit. Without a tie the suit looks unfinished and "naked". However, the pocket square can serve the same function AND it won't look like you just don't know how to tie a tie.
No kidding! Another Finn here, also from Vaasa (and judging by the way you spelled it I assume you also speak Swedish?)
It's called black tie for a reason; the tie should be black.
I can relate. Personally I enjoy wearing suits but most of my friends don't. There have been times when we have all been out to dinner and some of us have been wearing suits while some were wearing jeans and hoodies. However, we've known each other since we were kids so it's not something we think about to any great extent. For me, it's a non-issue. I wear what I like, they wear what they like and when we get together it makes no difference because underneath our clothes...
I will echo previous posters' statements saying it looks fine. Personally I'd go with a white shirt and simple, square-folded white pocket square for a more crisp, "grown-up" look but that's just me.
I'm thinking it's far easier getting away with wearing a suit to some event that calls for a blazer than the other way around. So my vote goes to the suit.
I'd just ask the young lady what "semi-formal" means in her family. Some might consider that to be "pants that aren't jeans and a clean shirt" while others think a dinner suit is semi-formal.
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