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The thing is, everything fits so huge this season I think if I get the Massimo it would be in a 48...
Camo, so I can wear a bathrobe outdoors too
looks like a penultimate boss jacket
What made those collab jeans so good? As far as I remember, the fit was the same as regular uniqlo
Definitely like the Epaulet ones more.
Anyone have any experience with the Dominik topcoat? It's at a pretty ridiculous price on Acrimony right now but not sure if that weird shoulder cut works for larger shoulders...
Yeah, they looked a little too wide to be Achilles variants.
Def blue
End Clothing currently has them for a bit cheaper at $119.
I first sort of regretted getting the navy bball's but they've really grown on me--now if only it would get cool enough to wear with the grey flight bomber
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