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Cool! While we're at it, is there a picture of the navy calf leather in natural light? Is it a pretty traditional navy, or extremely deep blue/black?
It's a bit much to say his outfit is a "tragedy", I think it looks fine--to be honest, I don't really see a huge difference between his fit and a lot of the fits posted in this thread.
Maybe scaling directly into what I can only imagine is an extremely expensive retail location in NYC wasn't the best idea
Totokaelo's got 20% off on their Geller stock too, FYI.
I've handled them a bit, they're pretty comfortable to wear and that price is a really good deal. I think the coolest aspect of them is the single-piece of leather, where the shoemaker has to take into account natural variations of leather thickness to make sure the structure of the shoe where it should be thickest is up to par, etc. These mids also look really nice:
It looks like the standard moto priced the same as the MTM option? Also, is the standard black lamb-only, or do we also get a choice of leather as well?
How many of Chronbongs posts boil down to "I'm so swole, really guys, please believe me" lmao
I live in Chicago, but grew up in Minnesota with a very low tolerance for heat--I'm talking 75+ and I start to complain unless I'm by some water haha
Haha no I was joking, there's no way I'm rocking these when it gets warmer
This is definitely the coolest jacket from Geller that I've seen--too bad it was only a sample.
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