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They definitely are
Bonobos please answer this man
After buying one of Geller's Cossack hoodies used I'm starting to really dig into the rest of his stuff--it does always seem like his cuts look better on slimmer, taller dudes though.
Man these last two pages have been Questionable
My thighs are around 25'' and I sized up to a 34--it's a bit loose in the waist, but I certainly like the fit, and it's really easy to move around/sit down.
As a guy with larger thighs and seat, the stretch tapered jeans are a godsend. The fabric feels a little light, so we'll see how long they last--but for $29.90 I can deal with whatever.
My god, need that bomber.
I would think the skirt piece would look way better over shorts than cropped pants
Ah, forgot about the launch of those Android Homme moon boots. Although with only 100 pairs, if I sized wrong I'd be SOL anyway.
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