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Really not much different than the TOJ band collar DR, aside from the collar...
Yep--I've got broad shoulders so I tried the Sebastian in a 50 but returned it--so the 52 hits my shoulders fine then it's a slightly boxy fit with slim arms. I was also a bit iffed by the fact that it had both zips and buttons, but the placket means that you really never see both. Maybe Notre's got the green left in the 52? I saw it in-store today.
Whoever here was asking about the James varsity--I'd highly recommend picking it up. It's a bit boxy, but not over-sized, and the multi-tier ribbing is a really cool touch. I think there's still a 50 at Mevyn in black, as I picked up the 52 today.
For the M1, what is the difference between the band collar and the mandarin collar option? I assume the collar on the example DR5 picture is with the mandarin collar?
Looking for an opinion; would goatskin be a bit too heavy for a leather MA-1? I had a lamb TOJ MDR, but after 3 years of regular (albeit a bit hard) wear the leather on the left sleeve has torn in multiple spots, so I'm looking for something a bit hardier.
Long plaid for $226 over at Mevyn, for all you Chicago people.
Well I guess I deserved that lmao
Been looking for a simple bomber with a full packet, but wondering if the arm straps are a bit too tacky. Planning on getting rid of the white tag on the arm pocket anyway.
I take the same size in both, yeah. The highs do fit a touch larger though.
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