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This thing fits absolutely huge, by the way. I usually sit between a 52 and 50 in Geller and I was more than fine in a 48.
This Dominik coat is...very odd. Super slim in the shoulders and chest, and the arms are really long, past my thumbs. The sleeves are ultra wide too...
Any uh...bigger pictures?
Completely forgot about this, just picked it up!
The thing is, everything fits so huge this season I think if I get the Massimo it would be in a 48...
Camo, so I can wear a bathrobe outdoors too
looks like a penultimate boss jacket
What made those collab jeans so good? As far as I remember, the fit was the same as regular uniqlo
Definitely like the Epaulet ones more.
Anyone have any experience with the Dominik topcoat? It's at a pretty ridiculous price on Acrimony right now but not sure if that weird shoulder cut works for larger shoulders...
New Posts  All Forums: