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No it's awesome
It's to distract them from their new Citizen Scores.
I think Rais' fit is fantastic the way it is, especially the jacket--might be better with white hi tops but that's just a matter of personal preference
Glad to see the real cream of the crop posters from the toj thread are making their way over
Finally got a pair of black/milk suede Geobaskets--whoever said they were surprisingly versatile, they were right
It's going to be the 50. My shoulders are about 19.5 inches so I'm really picky with outerwear, and this bomber was just a little too tight to be comfortable.
For anyone looking to get that charcoal bomber from East Dane, I'll probably be returning mine. Love the fabric, but I'll probably grow out of it in a year if I start exercising seriously again.
Yeah, good to hear. I rarely see Geller in 52's and the last time I tried a dip-dye my shoulders were too wide for a 50, which made me very very sad.
Really hope that Sebastian garment-dyed bomber fits TTS and not small like all of his other outerwear. Fingers crossed.
This makes me so ridiculously jealous--I can never find a 50 or 52 in these
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