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How do older models of KVA's fit? I remember someone recommending to size down.
What are these?
I've got a pair of the black Buttero side zip boots, the same ones that are sold out in the No Man Walks Alone web-store. Wore them twice outside, decided they were still they were still too big for me, and want to either sell or trade for a 42 or a 42.5 Worth $440 retail. $250 shipped, CONUS. Paypal gift or +3%.
And now I finally have good pair of casual boots. Thank you founders sale
Ugh, I've been looking for the black/black colorway for those Rick Owens Ramones boots for a while now...wonder if they'll be easy to dye.
I think it's all locations except their flagship, since they're relaunching next year under their own brand
For those that live in Minneapolis, Len Druskin is having a 50% off closing sale
This should not be the case, especially if they're already your girlfriend
If you want a good anime that doesn't revolve around children, watch Planetes. It's about garbage men in space, basically Madoka is still the best though
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