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Well I guess I deserved that lmao
Been looking for a simple bomber with a full packet, but wondering if the arm straps are a bit too tacky. Planning on getting rid of the white tag on the arm pocket anyway.
I take the same size in both, yeah. The highs do fit a touch larger though.
Thin fabric, would avoid their wool outerwear.
Awesome, how'd you size the Diemmes?
What exactly is the point of going opening day (or close to)? It's not like you're going to be surprised by what you find in there
I don't know, I've had a few nights in my ToJ lambskin where I was drunk and fell onto the concrete or something, and my jacket has a ton of scratches and one or two tears in the sleeves--I don't really care at this point since it adds to the jacket's character, but I'd +1 LA Guy's comment on durability.
Everlane is now selling wool overcoats, although the cut looks to be really boxy if you're into that...
It looks good.
No it's awesome
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