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They put up a new dry tech sweat, which for some reason only appears in ads online and I can't find it on their site: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-dry-stretch-sweat-full-zip-jacket-138648.html?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=KnownBuyers&utm_campaign=fallwinter&dclid=CO6V1LKhq8MCFRYuaQodTLoAgg Anyone try it out before? It looks simple enough.
Just wanted to put in my experience with Story et Fall--I bought one of the last remaining cemented sole sidezips. Within two months unfortunately there were some quality issues, as the shank came loose or something and the damn thing squeaked like hell when I walked. The guy was incredibly helpful, and offered me a pair of the new goodyear welted version in a custom make if I wanted to pay the difference, or just another pair of the same boots once they started...
Probably my favorite fit you've posted--the sweater looks awesome there
every time I want to buy geobaskets I remember that I'll probably have to replace 70% of my wardrobe to wear them regularly
Anyone have experience with the heavy gauge sweaters On the site? Last years sizing was wonky and they were really itchy
So what did the size tag say?
Same, was going to get a suit but oh well.None of the shirting or knits stand out to me either.
i wanna die
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