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Does anyone have a link to 7-Store? I can't seem to find it through googling
Hmm I like the colorway, and they added a zipper which was the reason I sold my old pair, but I wonder if they're too boring
I like them a lot, though it'll look like you're cosplaying some sort of Deus Ex cyberpunk character
I think some of the Tubular X's will drop sometime in August, but the rest are going to come early 2016.
Worst part is the ending, yeah. I reread it a few weeks ago by audiobook and when it was over I thought I was missing a few tracks before I remembered, haha
The Siki Im and Isaora collaboration looks straight out of a lookbook from the world of Snow Crash, but I'm not sure if a $375 windbreaker is worth it if I don't even go out running that much
Uh, if you're talking about that generally black, drapey Yohji aesthetic then Benes might be the first person to tell you he didn't create that
I remember when he first posted those and the reactions were less than enthusiastic lol
Rais is so good.
Dunno if this belongs in here, but does anyone have any bag/backpack suggestions for someone who walks a lot/takes public transit to work but still needs to lift afterwards? I need something that can hold food, my shoes, belt, and clothes (and maybe even my work laptop) and my backpack + duffel bag gets pretty cumbersome...
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