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Is there a good place to it Jun Hashimoto online?
Anyone have any recommendations for slouchy crew neck long sleeve shirts? I always liked sizing up on Uniqlo but this new year the fit's become a little too short and boxy.
VitaTimH that jacket is ridiculously awesome.
Can't wait for everyone in the Midwest to look even more normcore
I keep forgetting 4ch has a fashion board
Have wanted to start buying Geller pieces for a long time, how trim does the zip blazer fit? I see one on nomanwalksalone that's almost too good of a price to pass up... Also, does anyone have any experience with the Canadian Coat? Want to try it but it doesn't seem too warm.
Code doesn't seem to work with Owens stuff otherwise these deals would be pretty nuts.
They put up a new dry tech sweat, which for some reason only appears in ads online and I can't find it on their site: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-dry-stretch-sweat-full-zip-jacket-138648.html?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=KnownBuyers&utm_campaign=fallwinter&dclid=CO6V1LKhq8MCFRYuaQodTLoAgg Anyone try it out before? It looks simple enough.
Just wanted to put in my experience with Story et Fall--I bought one of the last remaining cemented sole sidezips. Within two months unfortunately there were some quality issues, as the shank came loose or something and the damn thing squeaked like hell when I walked. The guy was incredibly helpful, and offered me a pair of the new goodyear welted version in a custom make if I wanted to pay the difference, or just another pair of the same boots once they started...
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