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Does nobody remember when 90% of SF wanted nothing but a W+H tiger fleece hoodie, APC's and some common projects to go with it
After buying/trying a ton of different pairs of luxury court sneakers, it's funny how much I'm enjoying this super basic pair of jordan 1 retro hi's they're also the only sneaker that I actually agree with the 'looks better when beat up' viewpoint
Definitely regret not getting those taupe bball's when I could in 43's
I love all the intense confusion from his friends once he started posting his styled shots"Looking good! Why???"
Can't patent boot designs, so that's not it. It's probably that he's already bottle necked by the size of his production runs so he's obviously selling enough, why fix what ain't broke
Probably their regular merino wool ones
Yeah, don't know why I listened to the size down advice even though I already had a pair. If anyone's looking for a 42.5 grey Chelsea, I'll let them go for cheap. PM me.
Another vote for the HL, doesn't look like a dad coat to me at all. It's nice to have something not so crumply for a change of pace
They're the best fitting jean that Uniqlo's put out. I'm definitely going to get multiple pairs, since the company has always screwed with them a bit every season.
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